Dec 9 2009I Think Somebody's Developing A Crush!


Instant messaging account: Free
Having a heart to heart with a guy friend: Free
Finding out you're the one for him: Priceless

Quote #761414 [bash]

Thanks to Julian, who agrees Third Strike was badass, but he's not gonna marry you over it.

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haha, creepy

Street Fighter?


... just sayin

mortal kombat is a freak in the sack tho.. street fighter is missionary only

just sayin

@5 /clap

I think I've had this conversation before... maybe that's why one of my friends acts more gay than usual now.

the best heart to hearts wit guy friend's almost always involve a sweet sweet metaphor put into gaming terminology, at least in my experience

Me: the gf is making me crazy dude, i dunno what teh fuck to do about this shitty situation with her mom!
Alex: GF?
Alex: Guardian Force? FF8 is the shit dude, whats the problem?

In all seriousness, if someone broke my Street Fighter......I would....just...and*sigh
......its not even funny to joke about...


Wow. I'm not sure I've ever heard truer words.

heyy me: hahahhahaha :)

What's with all tha gay talk lately....
Is GW gay?? Gay Writer??

...I'm going to another website....

Where you go, i will follow.

Something only a gamer with a true freindship with another gamer would understand.... And How is it gay? There talking about getting over a Chick.

The gamers weren't gay. I'm talking about GW gay jokes.

Unfortunetly there's not a high demand for Timbologie...


This guy is a modern-day philosopher. Weather sucks.

@ 15 Timbo sukx

That was funny. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance is the Shyt! Booyakasha!

I knew that sounded familiar. is hilarious! it's so old but still awesome.. classic site. I guess you need this post to tell all the kids about it who weren't around when it was popular.

.... Genius!

We're having news posts based on quotes now? Really?

@20, no kidding, and it isn't even remotely new. Must be a slow geek day.

Ah..I see the analogy. Girls are like fighting games. At first you spend a lot of time and effort into conquering them and mastering their moves, but once you totally win you're on to the next fighting game. But the good ones will still hold a place in your heart and once in a while you'll pick it back up and play with it again when you’re bored............just saying.

Isn't there more than one copy of Street Fighter in the world?

You should replace "was" with "is" in the statement "Third Strike was badass".

Just my opinion

this is thank you.. :)

ha am looking for a hot girl

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