Dec 19 2009It's A Frap!: A Geek-Friendly Coffee Shop


This is a gallery of blackboard signs from a coffee shop in Beatsthehelloutofme, Insertstatehere. Everybody who works there must be some kind of geek because they all feature characters you're probably familiar with (plus Gary Busey, because he's f***ing insane). Anybody know where this is? Any chance of of a Geekologie-inspired board? May I suggest the Geekologie Writer's "PEW PEW!" Double Shot Espresso? Get it? PEW PEW/double shot?! God I slay me.

Hit the jump for a ton more including a heaping spoonful of Zelda-themes.

















baristas (with even more)
It's A Frap! [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Zach and Obama Pacman, who like their coffee like they like their women: with a full, buttery body and virtually no acidity.

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too many starbucks to guess... theyre everywhere

i <3 cock

4th? nope... FAIL

this has got to be like a week old by now :(

haha these were good. btw its in canada. Was that zalgo?

Yeah. This is Beatsthehelloutofme, Insertprovincehere. Not Beatsthehelloutofme, Insertstatehere. Something tells me Americans don't know who Stephen Harper and Jack Layton are, let alone random geeky coffee shop.

On Topic, this is awesome.

That fool! He messed up the Song of Healing! HE MIXED UP THE LAST TWO NOTES!

sex in teh bum =]

Ahhh....Canada. It's America's Hat! South America is its beard.


I've send it to GW awhile ago. He was probably too busy pew pewing at Avatar

Canada. Although not densely populated, it's home to the densest population on earth.

(Just k. Luv u Canada.)

Does the Bert and Ernie board slyly hint at buttseckz?


please i am desperate for some hits

no comments for the geeky coffee shop tho

oh god mudkipz.

It is a Starbucks in Canada :)

@ 15
Piss off. No one gives a fark about your site.

Old man, seen this a couple weeks ago.

every employee at this coffee shop is a 13 year old virgin.

Found more info after story was sent to GW. Wrote up an article with even more photos.


It's the Starbucks in the Chapters at Sherwood Park Mall, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. I remember seeing a bunch of these starting with the Mudkips one (embarrassing my wife by laughing my ass off at Mudkipz and snapping pics with my phone).

Holy Damn, they had me with Ackbar but the Aperture Storage Cube WINS.

Commerce needs more geek references. We hold the power now! Mom! Where's my meatloaf!!!

the zelda ones r stupid.. but love the rest

I was kinda expecting Hal to tell me what to drink.

Way to make the other barrista look like an underachieving jackass.

My home video!!

This is pretty awesome, right?

oh! I just realized my cat is down by my feet. Sorry little guy!

This is cool, as you all know.

it's unfortunate the guy writes like a third grader though, it really distracts from the awesomeness of his drawings

they're definitely canadian, with that line about stephen harper.

It was as Matt said, at the Starbucks in Sherwood Park.
I saw the Ackbar near the end of summer 2008 when I was visiting Edmonton.

oo;; Omai. I am going to go live there now. G'bai.


This being done should be LAW!

So do Canadians not know how to spell frappuccino?

The artwork's pretty impressive, especially because I don't think I've ever put forward that much effort for a minimum wage job.

that is some amazing artwork, geek or not. who can draw like that with chalk?!

Dallas, TX FTW :)
Can't remember exactly where, though :(
Yeah, yeah, I really get around (town) a lot.

Serious WIN.

Best. Coffee shop. EVER!

This is clearly an out of work artist, or as many of you may know them, an artist. This guy/gal should work as an illustrator.

This is fantastic! WOW

Oh America --

You call us your hat, when in reality, you are our diaper.

We are all of us, even we Canadians and you Americans, Bozos on this Bus.

Yeah, the very first photo immediately pegged this as either Canada or the UK (Americans don't spell flavor with a U).

Funny post !!!

Fantastinc. Very funny the artists facebook album.

I love it, I would visit this coffee shop regularly just to see who the next barista is for the day :-)

I have been a reader for a long while, but this is my first time as a commenter. I just wanted to let you know that this has been / is my favorite entry of yours! Keep up the good work and I'll keep on checking back.
Sell Gold

Went there this past weekend (Sherwood Park Mall Starbucks), no signage! My heart broke a little.

Sorry if someone already answered but I showed the it's afarap one with a friend and she said she saw it in Dana Point CA :))) XD

These are all done by a friend of mine, Patrick Maloney. He works at the Starbucks in Chapters, in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

Please give credit where credit is due! Thanks!

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