Dec 16 2009Google Street View: No -- NO -- HE CAN'T BE


Ah, the nation's capital: where even a mustard sweater and your pants around your ankles about to shit on the sidewalk doesn't warrant a second look by anybody but a pervert in a green hat.

Hit the jump for a zoomier picture if you're really sick.


Google Street View Captures Public Defecation on H Street [dcist]
Google Street View Catches Sidewalk Dumping [jalopnik]

Thanks to Stan, who may or may not be a used boat salesman (I love that jacket of yours).

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I dont get it, is he yerkin his jerkin?

Wow...simply wow...

Those are my pants...can I have them back bill? And maybe some of your famous jello puddin'? :D

God I love this town.

#4 I seriously doubt you want his jello pudding. but I suppose you could just wait until he's finished and pick it up off the sidewalk.


@7 OR that cat is about to shoot up his pooper. Either way, good call

Ah, they caught me!

@7 OR he's into anal bestiality as much as me. Either way, you'll think of me differently now, and I'm okay with that

I hail 25 minutes outside of DC, and I'll tell you our city is bipolar.

Washington is the Capitol, The White House, the Museums, the Library of Congress, the Mall, the Mint, the Federal Workers and Government Contractors, and the tourists, gods bless them.

DC is Southeast, murders, the actual residents, urban decay, the worst public schools in the country, and, now, that man shittin' on the sidewalk.

Washington, D.C. 2 voices inhabiting one head. I just wish they'd talk to each other more.


Zidel333, I am with ya on this. My fiancee was born and raised at falls church, virginia. I used to go visit her all the time when she was going to college at Mary Washington.

D.C. is really wack. I could be having a 300 dinner at a nice restaurant with her, then turn around, 5 minutes away, I am in the ghetto where if DONT stop for redlight.

Wait... we're NOT supposed to do that?


oo-er. what a stud. *yark*

Funniest thing I saw in DC, guy just finished taking a piss on a building stoop, turned and started stumbling down the street, without putting his dick back in his pants. LOL. George Bush was a lot of laughs too.

poop package coming up


sorry, capslock, can't be assed fixing.

Peering through his own window to see if he left the oven on.

I can't see shit!,-76.998699&cbll=38.900205,-76.998699&layer=c&cbp=1,181.7012306614815,,1,14.003231825168962&hl=ko
i found him on actual google street view...

I couldn't be a bum because squatting to poop sucks. I live in Japan and they still have lots of those squatty gross. Today I used one and...y'know how sometimes the pee comes out at funny angles? Well, on a squatter it sends it right to your foot. Nasty.

I seen bums out here squattin' on the street, doing their doo, but the worst by far was seeing the guy that didn't bother and just shat in his pants and shook it out his pant leg.

my favourite part of this picture is the "REPORT A PROBLEM" hotlink right below where he's about to drop it...

Sooo.....who’s the one that sifts through all of Google’s Street views to find these. To me that would seem a lot of effort for very little reward.........just saying.

I like how the place to the right is called "Magic Fingers" and the place to the left is "With these Hands" He could call his place "With My Magic Ass".

Is he like some kinda black Jackson Pollock with a street show?

lol #4
Would you like some Jello Puddin' Pop?
gotta live Bill Cosby.


Am I the only one who thinks he's breaking into that house? I agree that he probably has to take a dump, but my guess is that he's trying to get to a toilet first. Either that, or he's so out of it that he doesn't realize that his pants are around his ankles. Maybe it's all three! But seriously, folks, he's breaking in.

I hate to break it to you guys but this is a politician, not a homeless person. He just was expressing his right on how he feels about America.

Note: Expressed opinion is to all politicians regardless of party.........just saying.

HAHAHA!! Anyone go to @21's link and zoom out a couple shots. The shop 2 stores down is called "Magic Fingers".... I love it....

The cat's face has been blurred to protect its' identity---but, if you see a shit-faced cat, you know where it came from.

Nevermind, just saw @25's post....

How do you know he's about to take care of business? It looks like he's about to break into that house.

im from dc. im going there to investigate, find some evidence... wish me luck

this is one block from my house. yay!

nice yellow tour jacket, wow didn't take tiger long to hit the gutter

Who said the guy is taking a dump? He is'nt even squatting down or anything. Maybe he just needs a belt...

I've lived in DC for a decade now. This guy is dropping a deuce, no question about it.

No, no one is staring at him, because what would they do? The homeless shelters are overrun, guy probably has nowhere to go, so fuck all, he's just going to drop it where he is. This is pretty common, and if you go out to bars (especially around H st, which everyone swears is being revitalized but I still think is a dump) you'll see it all over the place.

News flash: This isn;t exclusive to DC, it happens anywhere in the world where there's homeless people. I guess it makes life easier for people if they pretend this doesn't happen in their own back yards.

this is the proof... everything in DC is shit, and no one cares because the capital of this once great nation has been shit on by everyone. Politicians, Business, and the people...

Obama said he's gonna change things up. Don't get mad at him if he decides to be a trail-blazer... although I wish he had some toilet paper nearby...

Is it me, or does this look like a scene from GTA.. must be the coloring or the angle. Of course I haven't seen anyone take a dump on GTA, although they should now implement that. Here that Rockstar? Make your characters crap their brains out!! And don't forget there needs to be voice-overs for the people crapping. They can hire Ray Liotta to yell "SHIT" ... or "CRAP" every time he takes a dump.

this would be D.C.

Maybe he's not pooping? MAYBE he's just peeping into that window and rubbing one out like any average regular pervert would do.

....geez, you people are SO judgemental!

Someone busted a cat up his a**

That reminds me of the cat from the Matrix.

Is that black Waldo?

i love how if you find him on the street view there is a church across the street....that my friends is a Holy S**t

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