Dec 30 2009Construction Fun: Tape Measure Trickery

This is a short video of a guy doing a bunch of tricks with a tape measure. Admittedly, he's pretty good and with a little more practice he could probably be as good as me one day. When hell is a solid sheet of ice! And speaking of ice sheets: what an Eskimo has after trying raw seal! *bada-dum tsch* I'll be here all week folks, try the seal. *bada-dum tsch!* God I'm good at this. *bada-dum tsch!* Kidding, kidding.


Thanks to naas, who once unhooked a woman's bra with a tape measure but it turned out to be a bro and then the guy hugged him like Meatloaf playing Bob in Fight Club.

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Reader Comments

ouch Naas...the old manzierre gets me every time too

dammnit Kramer, stop it with the great inventions

NOOOO WE NEED MORE SPAM! and by spam i mean the edible kind

Long live the robots.

@1 tell me about it man. Just for the record, GW was the dude with the brozy. He also has a mean bear hug & grabs ass, that's why he threw that one in there

man, i need to get out the damn office, i could mabe make some paperclip art or somethings but when i'm bored at work i just come here MLIG


I'm assuming by this that these guys are all union contractors, huh?

@8 busy union contractors, yes

Where's Closet Nerd?
Umm... he's DEFINITELY not sleeping under his desk right now

I know a thing or two about tape measure trickery, just ask my girlfriends....

Okay, so I totally posted a similar video, but it got removed from youtube, because I was using my dick.

0:20 - 0:25 the tape moves through the guys hand. saw this was fake when i first saw it- last week!

@12... I saw that part too and I disagree.... When the tape hit the table it made the entire length of the tape snap causing the tape to jump out of the guys hands.... When that metal tape snaps its faster than the speed of the film so it looks like it just pops out. If you play it slow or pause it as it goes you can see it better.

@12 damn, I see what you mean.. it's exactly at 0:22.

I don't think it's fake though, clearly someone edited several takes at this like those amazing beer pong videos that make me wish I were unemployed, but that is one bad edit right there I hadn't caught the first few viewings... WELL DONE mr/mrs goodeye

@13 dammit I don't know what to think now, you're probably right despite my previous opinion. I can see how the tape could've turned sideways upon impact & move a good 2 inches at a paper thin angle - making it appear to have jumped through dude's hands.....

I'm glad I drink otherwise this would bother me

I tried this and couldn't reach the end of my schlong.. just sayin

Impressive ... most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet.

let's see what cleverbot had to say about this...

User: Did you order the code red?
Cleverbot: Ya, you noticed?
User: Did you order the code red!
Cleverbot: You want answers?
User: I want the truth!
Cleverbot: You can't handle the Truth!

It's also fun to ask him about the rules of fight club. Just sayin'

...who bothers editing such a pointless video anyways?

GossJerk would've called that one right away
LSDiesel would've dryhumped it
STOMPY would've filmed it
Closet Nerd would've participated
Jaded Icon would've danced around it
Me would've identified with it
Dishy Dishington would've undressed for it
Tennis0 would've shared good pictures of it
Uggsboots would've choked on another dick
Daisy would obviously say it's fake
Eskimobob would've... I dunno wtd he'd do actually
Jiakasuma would hide & peep willingly
GINORMAGANTUAN would've yelled about it
Thumperchica would've made a point about it if she were still here
Gay naas would've brought it down to a 12 yr olds idea of neato
Jaja would laugh about it
JADE would confuse me about it
Mr. Cow would moo about it
Matt Zilla would've crossdressed & got on tv about it
Mr. Pig would oink about it
Whiskey would've poured me one about it
Asperflux would say something about robots
Pew³ would've had a cool link in his name about it
Gordon Fūcking Shumway would've made an orgy of it all
Firstards wouldn't be noticed
Turd Ferguson would make some bugers
Samir would get fired
GW would steal Samir's pocket change, get naked, then arrested
The 24-bit whore would've done everyone above & many forgotten along the way (except gay naas & the firstards)

The clip of the guy passing out afterwards was funnier.

Ollie Williams.... got me started on the whole idea & I left him out, I'm such an ass

Ollie would've used the back door against everyone's advice because it had to do with sex, then puked on the floor before finishing

I dunno, in the scene around :22 the reactions of the two guys who are watching are delayed by a pretty unrealistic amount of time.

fake as the boobs on my back

Dryhumping is awesome, I don' care who y'are

damn, that guy is like spiderman with that tape measure

I dunno... It may be like the sunglasses guys. I've watched that 0:22 section a bunch. It looks more like he fully released the tape as he tossed it, but kept his hand in the air. The tape is in front of his hand and then snaps down as it grabs...

The thing I find more unlikely is the distance he can get with it and the speed with which it retracts.

okay, that is awesome. he has some skills, like those people who can put outa candle with a whip-no damage to the candle either

holy crap

Get back to work you lazy bum!!

Damn, I have been lucky enough to have recommended a blog topic to GW. I better make sure I have the last word on everyones' comments...


No, I just got the last word, that is, unless you check this comment board again....

I can do all of that without a tape measure but with my penis

@13 if it could snap back fast enough to look like that than i dont think its loose enough to be thrown like that. either way you look at it. somethings wrong here. im sticking to it being fake. plus at 0:17 the radio wouldn't have reacted like that if it was hit.

i need to get out the damn office, i could mabe make some paperclip art or somethings but when i'm bored at work i just come here MLIG

haha.. its construction spiderman!!

I don't know... I'm not convinced this is real. It could be I guess but it just looks a little off to me at times. And I agree the position of his fingers doesn't change yet somehow it drops through his fingers... I'm suspicious.

no it's definately fake.
in the one where he knock the thing off the ladder, once the tape hits it not ony does it continue moving forward but it moves UP. physically impossible much?
also, in the scene where he grabs his keys, it's hard to spot but the shadowing definately changes halfway through the shots.

all i can say is, congrats on the editing.

Wow! You mean real American's want to work construction?! Nice to see legal residents employed....

Cool tape measure stuff too. :)

I am loving this palette. If it’s priced right I will purchase it.

For Christ's sake, get back to work.

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