Dec 2 2009Arts & Crafts!: Boy Makes Duct Tape Hoodie


Ever wanted a hoodie made entirely out of duct tape? Me neither....TILL I SAW THIS ONE. Now it's on the Christmas list!

Over at Instructables, one young visionary has shared his technique for weaving a hoodie from these godly adhesive strips. He says the resulting garment is quite warm and impervious to rain.

Interesting, but that's not the MOST interesting thing about this post. For starters, is it coincidence the boy's pose IS IDENTICAL to the guy on the TV? I think not! Secondly, what's up with that lizard with the sunglasses? Does he really think he's cool? Because HE IS SO BEYOND COOL! Lastly, I spy an N64 controller.

P.S. Nice dino stickers on the light switch. Are they glow in the dark?! Please tell me they glow in the dark. Sleepover!

Duct Tape Hoodie Is Basically Geek Chain Mail...Err, Geekier Chain Mail [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

pfft ive made one of those before


Pockets look too shallow, no way!
I like the Neon, and also hope it is glow in the dark,
Congrats for having no friends, haha oh wait....MLIG

I saw this today before you, I WIN!

MacGyver would've been so proud.

hrm not baad, it'll keep you dry.... just sayin


Don't you think post 43 on this past article is a real c*nt and just generally fails at life?

Eh. Another one of those "Look at me" phase things.

personally, i like his mustache.

i hate 43 - December 2, 2009 9:51 PM

Don't you think post 43 on this past article is a real c*nt and just generally fails at life?


@ 7
You fail for even letting someone's comment bother you enough to bring it up 26 Geekologie stories later.



Lol! That kid looks a LOT like a friend of mine who is an avid Geekologie Reader.

Love it!

im dru k and i dont see anything tat u mentioned in the post. where are the f dinosaours

i can't believed nobody commented on that awesome poster in the background. kid got photobombed by a gecko in sunglasses. thats awesome

I'm pretty sure that the gecko/lizard is actually a Gremlin...just sayin. MLIG

I agree, nothing new. You can buy different colored duct tape at michaels here (an arts and crafts store) and it comes with instructions on how to make one of those. It would be geekier if it, ya know, had geeky designs on it like the Triforce. Cause if you made it you can do any design.. psh.

@10 Well he does

@11 You fail just as much as me for counting the number of articles

what a loser.

the sleeves are too short.


Haha, good write up GW.

Dear, Geekologie writer im not sure if anyone else has posted this but...i'd like to point out the dinosaur stickers on the lightswitch for you. NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THE RED ONE!(i call it for..a personal expiriment) but the other three you can..enjoy :)

Does ANYONE read the write ups.



Balloon boy could have used one of these that way his outfit would have matched with his balloon.


@ 24

Oh! OH! I do! I do! I really do!.......

Nobody recognised that lizard is actually Gex the gecko?
Y'know, that bitchin PSone platformer?

And yeah, he's cool.


here comes the, her comes the, here comes the dino 5!

Its all right, I have to say Ive seen more elaborate pieces myself.

I know a kid (Tristan) who made a duct tape Trench Coat that was long enough to drag on the ground behind him.

Its not stickers, they are stamped on, sadly, they do not glow in the dark.
I could take pictures :)

Hi guys! I'm the maker of the jacket and I just wanted to thank you guys for posting this here. I have no idea what Geekology is, but I am glad people enjoy my work.
The "gecko" in the poster is just a horned lizard. Nothing special (except it has sunglasses). The dino plate was made like that. Not stickers, but doesn't glow in the dark.
@20 - I made the sleeves short so I could see my watch. Duct tape sleeves don't roll up your arm.
@26 - And why am I an "EMO FAG?" Because I thought duct tape wallets have been done too many times and I wanted to make something more challenging, that even with the instructions that I wrote up, you would never be able to make? Just saying.
Thanks again everyone!

lol. i have the exact same light switch cover.
no it does not glow in the dark

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