Nov 16 2009WOW: Amazingly Amazing Tauntaun Costume


I hate out of season articles as much as you do, but this tauntaun Halloween costume by Scott Holden was too good not to post. Plus, I'd have already forgotten about it by the time Halloween rolls around next year (booze).

Scott made this amazing costume from scratch. Using designs made in Solidworks, he started to outline the Tauntaun. The head mold was detailed using clay, then a mold was made , then it was cast, and on and on. The horns were made in almost the same manner.

Never thought an animal would have a chassis did you? Well this beast does! This component too made completely from scratch and the best bit of this costume? The costume walks and is not a static display. Scott had to fabricate his own stilts to make this beast complete.

Good looking, Scott! The costume, not you. I mean, you're handsome and all, but that's not what this is about -- this is about the costume. But yours's like you can see right through my computer screen and know I'm not wearing anything but a smile and Ewok pelt.

Hit the jump for a bunch of the process and a video of the costume in action.






Tauntaun Costume On The Loose [walyou]

Thanks to Pew³, who wold have laser-blasted that thing to all hell and ruined his chances of sleeping in it.

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Reader Comments


badass..... looks a little warm too

yeah more like badawesome


Yeah, I can't imagine the man hours that went into that thing this but hey kudos to that guy. He's got the best costume for every consecutive Halloween to come!

Effing AMAZING! Major props

awesome but i bet that this is cumbersome after a while.. .no ability to sit and you are litterally carrying the entire thing the whole time. i bet the guy has rock freaking hard calves and thighs for stilting that thing around at parties for hours on end

i would have to incorperate a way to sit it, like a way to lock the stilts in place using thetail to complete a tripod.. then you can just lounge on a squatting tauntaun

and of course id hafta stick a jug in there or something... i imagine bathroom breaks are a no go in that

dont get me started on the dutch oven effect either

...and you thought they smelled bad on the outside

Also doubles as birth control

@7:they might smell bad, kid, but at least they'll keep you warm.

@4 hell yeah that's tight! *tighter than a 12 year old...*

Holy. Freakin'. Crap. Scott Holden is my hero.


I design with SolidWorks.

I do not, however, read al-Jazeera.


Where are the zipper on the belly and the haunted house guts?

GW writer needs to use these plans to make a mini dino real doll.

this is crazy,madness,superawsome,time wasting, equipment
i m working on transformer i have a car i only need the secret....

here we go taum taum . ^^;;


You don't need the secret. If you got the touch, you got the power!

I do prefer seeing costumes created by people rather than store bought. Well done sir, well done.

I'd like to see Tauntaun Scott hike a leg and take a squirt on the asinine giant Geico Stack-O-Money costume in the background.

Now get outta here you two; and just maybe the Slutty Nurse costumed babes will come back.

Come on Scottie Holden sell those mothers!

AWESOMEEEE With that idea you can get 100 of those inventions

Wow. That's incredible

wow that is so cool, now I want to make me one! to bad I don't have any room to park him though!

i'd love one of these

I tap that.
He's got geek pusseh for years to come.

This is a great piece as i dont know
what animal you have made but
you have done great effort to make.
I also want to sit once on this

Very awesome. If this guy could mass produce this thing, maybe add some way to customize orders, he very well could make some dollars with the cosplay/dragoncon/comicon community. If he took it further made a line, he wouldn't ever have to be like the guy in the Virginity poster post, he'd get gold digger pussy out the ass. They may never love him like the ewoks, but ewoks just can't do the job a gold digger can.

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