Nov 20 2009Whaaat?: Sand People Like Scooby Snacks?


In a mash-up of universes that's about to make my head explode, it turns out Tusken Raiders love Scooby Snacks. And speaking of which -- I'd like to see Scoob and the gang try pulling THAT dude's mask off. Ruh-roh is right -- you gonna die!

Sand People like Scooby Snacks [tk8247's deviantart]

Thanks to sham, who only tried Bantha fodder once and didn't like it.

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I once at dog snacks as a bet.....too bad they weren't scooby snacks...prolly would have tasted better

i see two scooby snacks, but i dont see any sand people. BRRRGGGGGAAAGGHHH GHAGGSGD. O.... AND SECOND! (MAYBE?)

Rutt-ro Raggy!!!! Rand Reople!!!!......rust rayin

I once ate dog jerky because it smelled so damn good. It wasn't.

The final now stuck in your head.

sand people like anything snacks

I love Geekologie! Shouldn't it love me back? Go watch this!

Yeah, I kidnapped Anakin's mother. And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling padawans.

damn sand people trying to steal shaggy's smokin' shag wagon...

@10 Only if it were painted like a Bantha.

@6 I love this song... *air guitar out*
@7 @10 What do you mean by "Sand People" are you trying to be racist?! Sterotypes are not allowed... except hairband stereotypes... or hairband stereos.

Creepy man in a mask, a van w/ no side windows... you do the math...

@12 Sorry, I mean Jews, not sand people

Nice post but is there really not that much going on in the gadget world!

This is fake! That can't be the real van! The Scooby in the window is actually a sticker!

It's another plot from those devious sand-people, no doubt. Why, I don't think they love scooby snacks at all.

@8 Stacy...why the hell would I wanna watch your dog take a dump !?!?!


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