Nov 28 2009Twilight Moms: Wait, What? Seriously, No.




Thanks to Carrie, who doesn't fantasize about relationships with vampires OR cut herself.

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Haha, first. :P
I think they're quite scary. :P

Damn! I thought I could of had it for once. xD

I can't figure out what girls like so much about twilight that they can't find in any other book/movie.

@kitten sorry, keep trying :)
I'm usually pretty pissed off when I see people posting "FIRST!!"... but then a couple of posts back I saw no comments were made and guess what i wrote...

Yet another failure on GW's part to keep me entertained.*

* the month just slipped to 25 days GW. Just sayin.

ya GW, hayley's got a point. If you don't step it up I'm not going to pay for my subscription anymore.

Sad. Very sad

Hayley is just mad because she is a Twilight mom.

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where the hell is Daisy? my mom is a Twilight mom..

What is so great about Twilight that people can't find in other books? Well i guess if i was a prepubescent girl i might be able to understand. But alas even Jesus can't do that.

TWILIGHT GTFO GEEKOLOGIE. admit that the geekologie writer is on team edward so that we can all move on.

Twilight moms = MILFs only interested in pasty teenage boys

Hey Geekologie Writer can you mention me in your next post? please? i like velociraptors i have them as my bed sheets

@23, you have to send in a tip to get mentioned, and also everyone knows GW likes t-rex killing robots bedsheets the best,


GW, only excuse for posting twilight is if a t-rex came and ate all the pasty ass retards ruining the series for all eternity!

Yeah, take that Twilight Dad's ! Er. :^P

@24 guess what.... i just did! about how roombas are evil and almost De-tailed my kitten

Edward CUllen is the hottest thing ever created and played by the actor!

Yea, your 'Twilight Moms' allright, Twilight of your fucken youth..........

I work with a few Twimoms. They aren't the really obnoxious type, but at times their Twitalk gets a little freaky. Especially when they start talking about how much they love Edward.

@17 & @18, I lol'd. Really, out loud.

The reason Edward doesn't have a soul isn't because he's a vampire, it's because he's a ginger. Duh. Bella is safe, no word on Victoria yet,'s not looking good.

But yeah, that's essentially pedophilia. Gross.

twilight moms = milf's

end of discussion

Better than the three wolf moon shirt!


If GW ever posted an article about how your cat ALMOST got injured I would stop reading on principle.

Just sayin.

Damn that is terrifying indeed, like a cooger hitting on you hahahaha.

ok, my mate figured that if we'd set up a stand outside the movies to sell clean underwear for all the girls (and ladies (and grandmas)) who are coming out from the film, we'd make a fortune!

Dear GW.

I withdraw all previous comments. Your wit, superior humour and excellent sentence structure have me in raptures.



Do you guys know why Edward cant read Bella's thoughts. It's because she HAS NONE!!!

Great reasons why you should never watch a Twilight movie... besides the bad acting, plot holes, pretensions BS, twinkling and oh NVM!!! just check these out!!
>>for those of you with a short attention span here!!!

>>and if you have not seen this where have YOU been?!

>and all others here!

Really?! GW E! News reported on them the last movie craze... Your a fan admit it that's what all theses post are about, and if your not your a really bad anti-fan! this is kinda G-aay!!


Twilight = gayest movie of all time

I was forced to watch it b/c of a girl and laughed so hard in the first movie that I got kicked out of the theatre LOL

It was the part when the gay dude takes his clothes off in the sun and the girl drools and says "You're so beautiful!" I threw up in my mouth then laughed as hard as I can.

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@46: Did you choke?

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Can anyone say FAKE BAKE? o.O

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