Nov 15 2009Trash Light Turns Garbage Into Illumination


The Gaon Street Lamp was designed by Haneum Lee to turn trash into treasure. If light is treasure, which it's not. So I have no idea why I said that. Besides I'm awesome and I meant it.

the Gaon street light/wastebasket concept composts biodegradable waste and uses the methane by-product to power its light, saving energy and eliminating waste while lighting the streets.

but I'm not too sure if the Gaon can be turned into a real product. For starters, how much trash is needed to produce a decent amount of methane, and how long will it take before the trash produces the gas? And remember, only biodegradable waste will produce the methane, but in urban areas a large part of the waste comes in the form of plastic, glass and other non-biodegradable materials.

Interesting, I really like these conceptual green products. Unfortunately, I see gangs stuffing these things full of plastic water bottles so they can mug you under the cover of darkness. Me? I only mug under the cover of a dinosaur comforter. RAWR!

gaon street light/wastebasket turns trash into flash [technabob]

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Reader Comments

fascinating peace of awesome. way to go.

i could poop in those and light the streets with my fecal glory.

Did you read this websites design release?

"new concept street lamp that do before person wig by methane gas that act role that remove home food garbage being situated on habitat surrounding..."

Wow, I'm pretty sure that web translators shouldn't be used to promote a new product.

correction, here's a link to that

"how long will it take before the trash produces the gas?".....if its outside a taco bell....about 4 minutes.

This is just what the government wants. You put your trash into the lamp and the gas is actually supplying power to the light and a box which releases neurotoxins into the air. Slowly crippling the people of the world.

Makes me want to strap a compact version of this thing to the back of a DeLorean.

Public toilet-street light combo for the win.

Unnecessarily kind of cool.... i guess
1 question. anyone think methane smells good or is good for you? DON'T GO NEAR THE LIGHT!

uh...I liked this the first time when it was attached to a Delorean and used to kick Biff's ass!!

GAY-on is more like it.

Biodegradable, eh? So could I crap in it and that would make light...? I HAS DA GLOWY SHIZ!

damn, #7 beat me to the mr. fussion joke... -.-


And also, how long would it last? Cause would people have to be running out of their homes to keep filling it up with feminine napkins and baby diapers to keep the light on all night?

How about just stick to the old concept of solar light panels, and if its one of those days where there isnt any sun all day, then it will automatically switch to electrical power to light up.

This is a good concept, i think the biggest problem would be to get people to put biodegradable trash into the lamp and not plastic and god knows what else.

@ 6

Drat! Foiled again! I'll get you Conspiracy, oh yes, I'll get you....

how does this play out in mother russia?

And they haven't done this to cars why?

For some reason, those lights just look like enlarged toothbrushes :P

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