Nov 18 2009Today Only: Zombie Vampire Robots Shirts


If you're not familiar with shirt.woot, congratulations, and welcome to the internet. There's lots of stuff in this series of tubes, including, and virtually limited to: misinformation and porn. Also, Geekologie and stuff for sale. And speaking of stuff for sale, $10 will get you this Zombie Vampire Robots from Space shirt (shipped!) TODAY ONLY. I could take this time to explain how shirt.woot and work and even brag about the number of bags of crap I've gotten (ZERO BABY, YEAH!) but I'm not going to. If you want the shirt, go buy it, if not, don't come crying to me tomorrow when you decide you want it after all and it's not for sale anymore. Because you know what you'll get? A cold shoulder penis Popsicle shoulder.

UPDATE: Sold out, sorry chumps. May appear again in the reckoning.

Shirt.woot (will be a different shirt tomorrow)

Thanks to Melissa, Julian, Aaron and Kiraly, who have gotten little to no work done during the current woot-off. Nice, guys, glad you don't work for me.

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Thats pretty cool.... just sayin.

damn you, riley. Damn you.

bought 10. what a combo.

Bummer - I was trying to get a tip shout out... I need to start slacking even earlier I guess...

I can't buy this! *face-palm*

GW riding a dino blowing up a volcano is missing, otherwise pretty nice... just sayin

^ new link ^ (yeesssss)

That shirt is many forms of awesome, DO WANT

this is gay...just sayin

This shirt is awesome! I saw it just after midnight last night and texted people that I wanted it for Christmas... I hope that happens.

weaksauce, they're sold out already

The Geekologie Effect? No wait...this site doesn't get nearly that many readers....

..or they didn't have too many t-shirts.... just sayin

Naas how do you really feel about all this, it doesn't seem a bit TOO convenient for what just happened with you?...just sayin

@13 I'm still working on that & it's potential outcome...just sayin


Well if shooting bambi's would help bring light into your situation then i would shoot all the little buggers i could find, just for you Naas..just sayin

@16 I think it should be "Bambis" not "Bambi's"
"Bambi's" expresses possesion... as in Bambi's dildo smells funny.

O\__/O @17 Orly? well i herd that you like kipz of the mud variety...just sayin

@18 Don't get your panties in a bunch.... 's is possesive.... just sayin
(FYI- I prefer Egyptian women)

@19 well in soviet russia egyptian women prefer you!...just sayin
(P.S i dont wear panties unless I'm hunting, right now its a Gstring)


This has just gotten TOO silly! Far too silly.

Right. Now then...carry on.

...just sayin

NOOOO, its sold out!!!! :(

I'm so sad I LOVE zombies...

I even made a short film for a horror fest competition a couple weeks ago, I titled it "Attack of the Mutant Swamp Zombies from uh, space?"
This shirt was MADE for me!

@20 Oh. My bad. I was gonna say don't get your tampon in a bunch, but that just sounded weird.... Getting your G-String in a bunch, now that must be pretty uncomfortable.... just sayin.

@23 OH HO OH HO HO really?!!! well you would be right it it quite uncomfortable and furthermore so is loosing your condom inside of a girl, not for me but for her(yeah i knew she was alergic to laytex SO WHAT!)...just sayin

@24 Condom? What the hell is that? If I knew the answer to that question, I probably wouldn't have two kids.


Not available tomorrow - Sold out Today

Too bad

Sold out? God dammit.

haha awesome shirt. Too bad it sold out.

Saying vampire zombies has some built in redundancy as the both are obviously undead...?

And WHY hasn't anyone made this into a movie yet??? Come on, Hollywood, you're slacking off.

First, I go to shirt.woot only maybe once every 2 months.
Secondly, I went today, for probably the first time in 3 months.
Thirdly, it wasn't because of this post
Fourthly, this shirt was my first shirt.woot purchase (though others deserved it, just not this much)
Fifthly, having seen this post after buying this shirt further validates my decision.
WIN FTW this shirt limited? Or are they going to make more so we can actually by this thang?

This shirt is now $15.

it's up for sale for $15.

Penis büyütücü ister misiniz?

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