Nov 27 2009SWITCH Screwdriver: For EXTRA Torque


The SWITCH Screwdriver has a handle that can transform (and rotate out!) from a standard handle to one that's perpendicular to the shaft for EXTRA TORQUE and EXTREME SCREWING! SUNDAY! SUNDAY SUNDAY! But truthful, I only posted this because one of the inventors' names is Wang Dongdong. Best journalist in the world? You better believe it!

Designed by Jiangdang University students Liu Yunlong, Jia Peng, Cheng Peng, Wang Dongdong and Xin Yaoyao, the SWITCH has a shaft that can lock into place at 90 degrees to the handle, making it easier to tighten screws to their most secure.

Yes, secure screws are important. I'm talking about wrapping it up, folks. Fun fact: there are actually STDs that can make your wiener/vagina fall off.

SWITCH screwdriver a simple, credible idea [dvice]

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did anyone else laugh at a particular name in that quote?

Never, ever google "STD's that can make your wiener fall off"

Those are the kind of subtle but brilliant little design ideas that made you wish you had come up with it yourself. Genius!

@1, yes I did. That poor man.
This is another "It's so simple why didn't I think of it and get rich!" moments.

"To tighten to toughest screw."?


I'll take 50!

wang dong dong


Sometimes it takes an entire Japanese university to come up with something as revolutionary as a 90 degree angle. I want one.

GW youre losing it man this post sucks balls

Wang Dongdong


"they cause enormous losses to life"

Who knew so many lives have been lost due to
improper screwing?

It took five people just to design THAT?

Just the thing if you want to strip a screw head in record time. If you're screwing something in and you need more torque than a regular screwdriver, you probably shouldn't be using a screw in the first place.

Loss of life due to improper screwing is why you should always hire only professionals to handle your Wang Dongdong.

Cool ! A skewer and a Push Dagger in one :D

Don't you see stupidly easy ideas and just think "why didn't I think of that" .

I've had something very similar in my tool box for at least 10 years... and it even 1-ups the design by having interchangeable driver types.

Look Ma! I can shank with more torque!!! Right tool for the job!

This is a simple but brilliant idea. It would be great if the shaft could also be replaced with the different tip which is shaped to fit a particular type of screw.

Nice idea, except that these idiots have used a Phillips screwdriver tip, which was specifically designed to jump out of the screw head to *limit* the torque that can be applied and prevent overtightening. Invention fail.

@13 haahha wow, made the comment section worth reading! to GW YES! awesome

All the women that read "torque" as TOR-Q" should leave to the kitchen immediately.

all women need to leave to the kitchen NOW. MEN ARE HUNGRY & DONT WANT TO DRIVE TO HARDEES.

But is it forged?
If not , its useless.. It will snap when to much tourqe is applied.


The perfect shank.........Ollie come here, I wanna test something....

Stupid. Too much torque can cause just as many failures as too little torque. If the inventors are really concerned about properly tightened screws, they'd have made a screwdriver that measures the applied torque as it is applied. Instead, they've proposed more cheap plastic shit that china can ship to gullible americans.

I like this screw drivers as they are looking
stunning i would like to buy one. They are
designed with a great research.

This is in no way new! I've got a screwdriver that was made in the 30's that works the same way, with one difference, It's not made of friggin plastic! If you try and torque something with that the thing will probably snap.

If they where able to get a patent on this that's copied from a 70 year old idea then the patent system has really screwed up.

im gonna be the last one to post this . SCREW YOU PAUL SMITH!

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