Nov 5 2009Shower With 3-D Wrap Around Touchscreen


Listen, I love standing in the shower watching full-length movies as much as the next water waster (which is why I just had a swimming pool sized hot water heater installed), but what's the matter with a traditional projection setup? I swear, people are always trying to one-up me. Too bad I know how to do that turtle shell trick in world 3-1 of the original Super Mario and can get unlimited one-ups. Suck it -- I will always out one-up you!

The Roca Waterdrop Shower Room surrounds you by a 3D touchscreen, allowing you to watch movies while you bathe. The touchscreen also allows you to control the temperature of the water and the intensity of the jets.

I mean, sure if you want to be tacky about it. I think we can all agree the touchscreen is a little much. I would have gone with voice-control. AND WHERE ARE THE LASER EXFOLIATORS? Cheapskates.

Install a 3D wraparound touchscreen in your shower [dvice]

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Death, be all but proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful. I am Legion for we are many...

What kind of movies might a person want to watch while in the shower?

NOT first!! HA HA HA!!!
Suck it first!

first twat

I guess you could put porn on that bad boy and kill 2 birds with one stone. If it's inclosed like that though I think I would get clostrophobic.

first fails at being first

this is like putting a tv screen in your car's steering wheel - POINTLESS.

i don't know what teh average movie length is, but apart from the water wast, more importantly, there is no way in hell i'm standing up for a whole movie. FAIL

sht i can't type.. thats substance abuse for ya'all

one word: PORN

electrocution FTW

Looks way to small to be comfortable in *fail*

do u really need to watch 3d in the shower? for more america, go to

good for porn maybe

just looks scary... I don't want to shower with a giant shark or anything else in 3d for that matter. Especially for what that thing would cost.

i agree with 4, 8 & 13. i would make my girlfriend watch hardcore whilst i banged her under the spray to wash any sweat away and whispering shit about threesomes and more pills in her ear.

I like the cut of your jib...

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"pithy Mobile Williams."

It's shaped like a white droplet. I wonder what idea they had when engineering the design

@18 AAHAHAAAAA I concur

@18 if that is the case, maybe it shoudl have a shower curtain that looks like a gym sock

@18 i'm thinking bacon fat

Here is another 3D rendering I made of something stupid that will never see the light of day. It looks clean, white and futuristic, so all the tech blogs will post about it, even though IT'S NOT A REAL PRODUCT AND HOPEFULLY NEVER WILL BE.

@20 ha absolutely! the floormat could(should)also look like an off yellow giant paper towel, nearly completing a full bathroom-shower set all right in time before the holidays

Giant Cotton Swab?

I would prefer watching a movie while I soak in suds.

oh yeah, it looks like a giant cotton swab, or our little swimming buddies.

why not make the shower look like a white chocolate hershey kiss? --oh wait, never mind.

I'd so want this.

Shower sex is very practical. Two birds, one stone. Or two girls and I'm stoned........I like the second verse better.

Well, it is America.

it was world 3-3 in the original mario

Why would you take a shower longer than 60 minutes?

where can I buy one?
How much does it cost?

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