Nov 25 2009PC Desk Has Built In Water-Cooled Computer


This is a desk with a water-cooled computer built right in to its very soul. that an ashtray and cigarettes? VOIDED WARRANTY IS VOIDED.

It's all built from the ground up: desk and computer, custom designed to fit the maker's needs. Even the reservoir was designed specifically to fit this desk. And now that it's finished? He needs to start making them for everyone else!

I kind of like how the motherboard is all open access so my cats can jump in there and lay on top of it. Because that's 100& exactly what they'd do. Shut up I know my symbols, okay~

Hit the jump for a closeup of the computer part.


computer and desk form to create super office entity [technabob]

Thanks to Chris, who noted that dude may have Photoshopped the parrot in to hide the on-screen porn.

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It looks like the armrests on the chair can't fit under the desk, though… AARGH, FRUSTRATION!!!!

While this looks pretty cool, that open computer thing seems like a terrible idea, maybe if it had a door or something it would be better.

If you look closely you can see that there is a glass door up the whole right side that would prevent any cat interaction. You can see the hinges on the right and the magnetic latch on the left.

Also: that is 100& what my stupid devil cat would do.

@4: It appears as if the front is protected by a glass door, the top is also enclosed by a glass covering, it's not very "open" IMO, I think the design is great.

water cooled, right? Computer CPU open to air... It's a disguised water pipe. ;-)

that looks as queer as a clockwork orange, guv'nor!

Also, in picture 2 you can see that the silver button on the side of the chair which represents the center point of the armrest is clearly far enough toward the desk that the armrest must itself be underneath the desk. Not to mention some of today's new-fangled chairs have adjustable armrests.

Do you people even look at stuff before you comment or are you just in that big of a hurry to be critical of others' achievements in order to make yourselves feel better about your lack thereof?

geekologie commenter has built in water cooled core octo processor ON HIS BRAIN MELTING CHOME BETA BLASTIN FACE AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

Hidden Desk BONG FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bah hahah! Hazardous materials! No warranty for YOU!

Nobody's said anything about the magic white right shoe on the L hand side of the 1st pic... it's a great place to hide a bag weed these days because honestly, who checks a shoe for weed?

@13 It has a built in smell blocker as well!

@13, I know another place to hide weed that smells bad....

@15: Butt-weed just never smokes right....gets too moist I think

It took a sloooooooowwwww day at work to get me posting on here again but it's as fun as I remember. Glad some of the same people are around. Seems to be more little spammer turds than there used to be.

@16 0_O...hey beevis...he said turd uhhh hehe (-_-) yeah yeah! he did AHH!....i think we have tumors......AWSOME!!

@14 and on.... no no man, you don't WEAR those shoes..... it's just a cover, for your stash. Damn I wouldn't smoke footymold weed or suggest it, sick

@18, if it was the only weed left you would. You would smoke it out of a dead baby if you had to.

@19 yeah a dead baby that was put in a dryer for 3 minutes...just sayin

i wonder why coming here is worth it anymore, since apparently most all the articles that get posted are taken from technabob

The coiled water tubing moves this from "badass" to "Willy Wonka's toilet plumbing". Or it's a higher volume ribbed tubing which just leaves it open to a lot of condom jokes. Either way, less cool looking, and it just looks sloppy in the back.

On the cigarettes ... go open up a box that's been sitting on someone's desk where they smoke. Shit's vile. All that crap winds up as a disgusting film on the motherboard and everything.

@21: 90% of the internet is reposts and link circle jerks. You go somewhere that appears to aggregate the most content that's interesting to you, and because you want to read whatever goofy shit someone posts about it.

You smoke the shoe weed through the desk/computer/bong.

@21 don't be an idiot, read what @23 wrote again

My computer is lava cooled! Take that bitches! Oh wait...

This is straight out of a Popular Mechanics Article. This guy coppied them and it doesn't look half as good, look -->

did you see it? compared to that this guys was a major FAIL!!!


GW totally posted this just so he could make that call.

Plus, it's awesome.

All those colorful wires...


Bad idea, its just going to get dust everywhere, and computers are not supposed to be 'open' design, especially saying this to those of you who have desktop towers with panels missing... you know who you are...

Hey, naas... don't be making link circle jerks out of my comments. Dude's gonna be all "I don't know why I even read the comments here anymore.. people just tell me to previous comments.. recursive loop oh shiii wormhole!!!"

As for the weed I keep it in the garage.

At 27. The Popular Mechanics Article was issued June 2009
I started it 01-21-09, As you can clearly see it wasn't coppied and pretty much voids your major FAIL comment.

31. It has a filter built in to the side using postive pressure that keeps the SMOKE and DUST out, At the OP my dog eats cats anyhow it's totally enclosed by glass ;)

That's great until you need to upgrade all your stuff, then you need a new desk.

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