Nov 14 2009Mario And Luigi Rob Cab Driver In New York


Mario and Luigi, best known for plunging shitters and trying to save the Princess from the evil clutches of Bowser, have turned to a life of crime. Specifically, robbing cab drivers. What's the Mushroom Kingdom coming to?!

At around 4 a.m. on November 1, presumably following a Halloween party, a Staten Island cab driver was assaulted and robbed by four men. It being Halloween, it may have been difficult for the victim to describe the assailants, but two of the men were wearing unmistakable costumes - Mario and Luigi.

A surveillance video, which can be viewed on the NYDailyNews, shows two men dressed as Mario and Luigi wrestling a cabbie for his cash while a third man dressed in a tuxedo stood watch.

Anybody with information about the true identities of the two has-been heroes should contact Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh, and tell her the GW sent you. She doesn't know who I am, and I want you to look stupid.

Men Diguised as Mario and Luigi Rob Cab Driver [tomsguide]

Thanks to Brian, Aron, wes, Cyke101 and sham, who only cosplay for good.

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=O no wai! Those super secret Grand Theft Auto: Super Mario Bro's screens were leaked!

Hey, mushrooms street value skyrocketed when the economy crashed!

lol dumb asses

Looks like Luigi is about to do the running man...

Times are tough for people whose main source of income is jumping up and grabbing gold coins that mysteriously hover about 10 feet off the ground (no, they were never really plumbers).

He was robbed by Mario & Luigi, and a guy in a tux stood guard. So how is it that he was robbed by four people?

Laugh Out Loud! I could just imagine the cab driver explaining it to the police. If I was the driver. I would have been laughing as I was being robbed & probably make a smart ass comment or two [I do so when I'm stressed as well]. "What's with the gun? Couldn't find a flower." "Hey, luigi is huge. Sorry mario. He must have stolen your mushroom"

I can just imagine a police lineup with a bunch of people in their Mario Bros costumes.
One of them will say "It's not-a me!"

That's Nick from L4D2 that's dressed up in the tuxedo

i love effing hipsters.

is this good or bad that I was mario for halloween.

On Staten Island? Why am I not surprised. That's the pinnacle of stereotypical for Staten Island...especially over there on the South Shore.

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