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Inner City Bike Sports No Chain, Comfort


Because bike chains (and gold chains) are such a hot commodity in the inner city, the Inner City Bike doesn't have one. Or a comfortable seat. Or much practicality. I have to have it!

Bicycling to work may be the way to go for some, but parking could still be an issue. That's why Jruiter Studio has come up with the "Inner City Bike". It boasts an ultra compact design and has no chain to boot

There's a shot of a guy riding it after the jump, which I'll be the first to admit doesn't look as uncomfortable as I thought it would. But I won't be the first to admit where I hid the jewels. Not even if you tortur -- TOP DRAWER, UNDER ALL THE SOCKS. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME, I HAVE CHILDREN I DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT!

Hit it for a guy sitting on the thing.


Inner City Bike is Compact, Has No Chain [techeblog]

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  • seriously? you can buy a unicycle without the funky training wheel attached

  • asdfadfs

    ....the hell do you do with a stolen bike chain?

  • Jenness

    I wondered the same thing until I remembered seeing someone with a necklace that looked like one, so ..there ya go?

  • tokies

    wouldnt have been a better design had you used a smaller wheel. to kinda stretch you out like superman

  • sweet where ya get one

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