Nov 24 2009He's With Me!: Obama's Weighs In On Robots


President Obama, clearly an avid Geekologie Reader, finally threw in his two cents about the harbingers of the apocalypse as part of "Educate to Innovate", a campaign designed to keep kids off drugs interested in inventing shit that'll keep us technologically superior to the Ruskies. And, as you can see, the guy knows what's up. Now I know what you're thinking, "but GW, it seems like he's promoting robots in that first bit". Not the case. What the president meant was that robotics inspire young people TO THINK UP NEW WAYS TO KILL THINGS. Which is exactly why the advanced race that once lived in Atlantis invented science in the first place. GEEKOLOGIE WRITER FOR SECRETARY OF F***KING UP ROBOTS 2010!!

Obama to Robots: I'm Watching You [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jeff, Prestone, cakey hamburger, TylerNerd, Sean, Ken, Dan, ffffffffffffffffffffff, Blastphemer, naminess, Martin and huck, who can all be interns.

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Reader Comments

Bleep bloop bleep chkckckckck- BZZZZZZZZZZ

That's robot for "FIRST!".

walmart needs to die!

@1 BLeeep Blop -- Thats Robot for " I'm gonna tear your apocalyptic tin can of an ass wide open with my awesome sexiness."

Wait, I never met a bad robot.
But then again they were all broken when I left them.

@3 Hey man, who's the professional Robot Interpreter here? I Interpreted for R2-D2.

Yeah, that's right, R2-D2.

Obamasai will crush those rogue robots with his amazing ninja fists of steel

@ #7 Primerose

I believe rather that he'll use his amazing Jedi skills...GW, link me please, it's somewhere on this site.

in b4 completely idiotic obama for or against debate

If I was American, I'd vote for you, GW!!

@3 I agree

beep boop

@3 I agree

beep boop

@3 I agree

beep boop

i can only hear the Terminator theme when Obama gives the thumbs up now, lol

bum bum bum bumbum

@3 I agree

beep boop

Obama isn't a real person, it's just a front to get more $ from the american people.

...they just made him black to mess with all the white folks heads & piss off all the farmers.

And so the takeover begins...

@17 i couldn't agree more with that comment, Bush was actualy black but they made him white to mess with all the naggers and piss off all the rappers.

Micheal Jackson was actually white when he was born, and black when he died.

Senator McCain is a robot. Think about it. Even his name rings 'terminator'.

Ron Paul's a cat.

Obama is the bomb! Finally a President with a wicked sense of humor. You go 'Bama!

makes sence as obama takes all his cues from a robot- "the teleprompter"

obama should form an alliance with the governator - he's got the inside scoop on them bots

Obamabot will turn on his own kind to save humanity, and will shed his first and only tear after learning the human emotion known as "love." Then he will sacrifice himself, the last remaining threat to humanity, by throwing himself into a jet engine turbine.

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