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He's With Me!: Obama's Weighs In On Robots


President Obama, clearly an avid Geekologie Reader, finally threw in his two cents about the harbingers of the apocalypse as part of "Educate to Innovate", a campaign designed to keep kids off drugs interested in inventing shit that'll keep us technologically superior to the Ruskies. And, as you can see, the guy knows what's up. Now I know what you're thinking, "but GW, it seems like he's promoting robots in that first bit". Not the case. What the president meant was that robotics inspire young people TO THINK UP NEW WAYS TO KILL THINGS. Which is exactly why the advanced race that once lived in Atlantis invented science in the first place. GEEKOLOGIE WRITER FOR SECRETARY OF F***KING UP ROBOTS 2010!!

Obama to Robots: I'm Watching You [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jeff, Prestone, cakey hamburger, TylerNerd, Sean, Ken, Dan, ffffffffffffffffffffff, Blastphemer, naminess, Martin and huck, who can all be interns.

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  • GirlFromSpace

    I like that Obama guy.

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