Nov 30 2009Droid Pron App Store Now Open For Business


Uninhibited by the oppressive app policing of Apple (even though shit like this gets past), an adults-only application store for the Droid has popped up. HELLO MiKandi! Get it? My Candy. Jesus, do I have to walk to you to the schoolbus too?

MiKandi is a white label app store for free and paid-for apps, allowing developers to upload more content around their filthy apps--including YouTube tutorials if you're so inclined. Asking developers "Maybe you're feeling like your innovative juices are being squeezed by not having the screenshots or video you need to properly showcase and sell your product?" they promise not to restrict any app unless it's illegal, further widening the cavity between Apple and Android.
Sure, why not? Unfortunately, I'm not much of a porn guy.

MiKandi: The World's First Porn App Store for Android [gizmodo]

Thanks to darwinpolice, who notes, "there's a fap for that". Also, that you should probably be dead already.

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Reader Comments

what's the sound a robot boner makes....

Am I really first?


I see - I thought it was for robots

@naas: the sound of one hand fapping.


IT stinks. Only one app when i tried it.

True story: a friend of my once put porn on his TI-83 calculator. Best. Pixelated. Boobs. Ever.

@8 typing 80085 on a calculator doesn't count as porn, just sayin

@9, does to.



Don't forget teh 8008135!!!!!!!!!!!!eleventy11!!!!!!!!!

Actually...hold the phone...I think that's the one you have to "spell" backwards then turn the calculator upside down. So it would be 5318008.

Hey!!! Gimme a break....I've slept a LOT since I was like 10 (or is that 01??? wait, that's the General Lee's #...I'm so confused now).


yo GW. you spelled porn wrong in the title. you wrote pron.

I love the part where the Geekologie Writer says he's "not much of a porn guy." Ha! I just about fell over, and turned purple from laughing until I couldn't breathe. I guess he hasn't seen some of the Tyrannosaurus Latex pictures in the Fetish Zone...

I'd go a pron cocktail right now, man.

So, since the Droid is inferior to the iPhone in hardware and software aspects, they had to go and get a porn app to make people want it. SMART...

@ 16

Hardware wise the Droid is not all that inferior. It will get better with time as far as apps and services go (after all the iphone is still working on it as well), and any company that decides not to be a douchebag to everyone including its own customers gets a couple extra points. For gods sake give the customers what they want.......which is porn.

@ 19

Great. Now a fu(king troll is mimicing what I life is complete.

There are now 2 apps available! What a product launch!

No it is quite alright, I can walk myself to the bus.

It's cool that they have an app store for adults, but it doesn't really matter as you can get all the porn you want on any mobile browser...

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