Nov 20 2009Creepy Robot Stares At You So You Exercise


How would you like this creepy little bastard staring at your ass when you're performing squats? Or maybe holding your feet while you do crunches? Or maybe you've got to be out of your got-damn mind!

Bandit is helping the University of Southern California Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems conduct a study on exercise training. 70 volunteers of all ages (including 20 people aged 60 or older living in retirement homes) will have either Bandit himself or Bandit on video as a trainer, and the researchers will try to figure out if the physical presence of the robot makes a difference.

That's right, they named him Bandit. As in, "Give me all your internal organs!" Listen, you want me to tell you whether a robot's presence helps you lose weight? It does -- and I'll prove it. SEND IN THE ROOMBA! *Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!* There, I feel four pounds lighter already. Oh, and I'm not cleaning that shit up either.

Video of the little jerkbag after the jump.

Bandit Will Stare At You Until You Exercise [botjunkie]

Thanks to Spikey DaPikey, who just cuts off limbs when he needs to lose weight. Smart.

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Reader Comments

If it can double as a punching bag, cool. If not...keep on staring you creepy bastard and I'll gouge your eyes out with a fudgecicle stick.



Darn, it doesn't have a lower half! Nuttin down there!

I was gonna have it turn around and grab its ankles.

It's invented a new style of exercise too: squat thruster. 1 trip to the moon, 1 back, repeat.

this robot could star in the next Saw

It actually looks like jack, a little, in the pic over the vid.

vagina :)

What the hell are his lips made out of? It looks like 2 pieces of saltwater taffy or something.

that will replace the whale in me nightmares

Definately having nightmares tonight. When they try making these things cute is when they FLY off the creep scale.

Have you not seen the new Wii Baby??? They James Bond-jetpacked off the creep scale with that bad boy!

Help me work out? The only thing this creepy mo-fo is going to help me with is my batting and shooting skills.
Is the the robot loded up? PULL!!!! thanks for helping freaky robot.

robo twat

wtf thats really fuckin fuckin really creepy

Why does it have pedobear lips? What does that have to do with excercise? I don't fear robotics at all but I say kill this ugly thing with an EMP

looks like a jerk-off-bot to me.

Damn that root is fine! I love the athletic types and I bet he could help rewire my circuits all night!

Inglourious Basterds reference ftw!

This frightens me.

It's definitely the pink lips that are freaking me out.

they can give it eyebrows but no hair?

I love Geekologie! Shouldn't it love me back? Go watch this!


it's eyes are made out of cold,cold, steel

"Now lets play the imitation game.."

That gives me a loooot of ideas..

@21 not everyone who's bald has alapecia.

It didn't look like they were having any fun to me.

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