Nov 11 2009Awesome: Grand Theft Auto Meets Frogger

Youtube user daneboe, the same guy who created the Contra vs. Duck Hunt and Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong videos is back at it, this time with some Grand Theft Auto vs. Frogger action (and bonus Sonic vs. Pac-Man after the jump!). And, as I've come to expect, they are awesome. Not as awesome as that time I drove my Big Wheels through a pile of burning leaves, but not everything awesome ends with a trip to the ER. Only the really REALLY awesome ones.

Hit the jump for Sonic vs. Pac-Man.


Thanks to Jack and Marcie, who once hacked the Ghostbusters into Pac-Man and cleaned up shop.

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And I will be the FIRST one to punch you in the face!!


Wow! Your failure at life amazes me!!

I forgot to comment on the vids, they were cool!

i am pretty amazing, ain't i?
anyway, awesome videos GW. nice to see the ridiculous influx of new posts.

both were lame... kinda reminds me of that time i made wings outta umbrellas and jumped off my roof!!!

You mean that didn't work for you? I think you were doing it wrong.

I was already subscribed to danoebe, lol, OLD! jk, but he just released another very funny video

This artist reminds me of this guys work

Was this not on robot chicken??????

Grand Theft Auto Meets Frogger... or Geekologie Meets Old TBT?

@12 - Yes, I believe so. Last week at some point. (may have been a rerun, not sure.)

Idc if its old, its still awesome!

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