Nov 22 2009AMAAAZING Bioshock Cosplay At Aquarium


This is an amazing Big Daddy/Little Sister cosplay gallery taken at the Georgia Aquarium courtesy of the amazing talent of Harrison Krix, who made the Big Daddy suit and Little Sister ADAM syringe. He's also the one IN the suit, and that's his fiancee as the Little Sister. Harrison runs Volpin Props and does commission work, but is busy until July 2010, when he's also getting married. Good looking, guys -- and great location for the shoot. Too bad I'd trap bolt the shit out of that hallway. AND wrestle all the sharks when it floods.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more of the awesome and another link to Volpin Props.
















Pics pulled from 4chan (link dead)
Volpin Props

Thanks to Riddle, who beat Sander Cohen to death with a wrench. Really? I rather liked the guy.

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thats so epic
also, almost broke rules 1 and 2

i don't like bioshock

Little sister is shooting herself with Mtn. Dew Code Red.. check those cracked out eyes

how could you not like bioshock

Holy marshmallow, that's some amazingly dedicated shit right there. I wish there were some close up shots of the actual suit--would love to see the detail on that. Is this the same dude who also did the ADAM syringe?

MMMMMMMMM Little sister. I'd hit it.

Holy crap that is awesome! And serious props to GW for knowing the best way to take a Big Daddy down is to trap bolt the living hell outta them.

And epic fail to #4 for not liking Bioshock, the game that's so awesome it revokes the right to one's own opinion. It's awesomeness is proven fact, my friend.

Oh and bass, writing "firsirt" doesn't make you any less of a Firstard.

Never played Bioshock but taht doesn't stop me from realizing this is very well done. Looks badass!

Bioshock is one of the best "newer" games that i've played.


Holy shit, that guy is an artist.

I do say this is one of the most fully realized cosplays I've seen. Fanatically detailed and an excellent setting as well.

Damn that chick certainly is creepy enough by far to be a little sister hot damn weirds me out.

Sad to see that the photographer Matt Nicholson wasn't mentioned or given a link to his website. Dim Horizon did all the shots (yes, there's a watermark but do many people notice?). Check out his site!

Not sure what's happening here... but I do know she's ugly. So's he.

Awesome!!! Truly in awe to this guy's skills and workmanship! Though, I haven't a clue about the game the characters are based on. Nice use of a local setting too.

box jellyfish pic is super ultra mega badass.

here here

Okay, where the hell is Daisy? I NEED her to shout "photoshop" at this one.

Daisy, WHERE ARE YOU? I'm mildly worried!

Must See!!!


Those aren't box jellyfish.

Box jellyfish resemble boxes.

Really nice work on the big Daddy....byfar the best, but the little sister should of been a little girl instead of a grown woman on crystal-meth....still good though.

Mr. Krix is also the guy who made the Portal gun prop for his girlfriend. He also did the heelsprings Chell wears in the game. If only I had such talent.

Awesome!!! Truly in awe to this guy's skills and workmanship! Though, I haven't a clue about the game the characters are based on. Nice use of a local setting too.

Looks epic

I would love to see the looks on kids faces when they come around the corner and run into these two.

I don't know - if this is supposed to be "Cosplay", I really don't wanna know what Mr. "Giant Screw" for a right-arm and little Miss Cankles have in mind for a performance; or do they just wander around scaring people?
"I'm gonna get you with my giant helical-threaded arm, RAWR!!"

@ 29

It sounds like you don't know what Cosplay is.

Anyways, I agree with @ 24, would have been more EPIC if they used a little girl....

Fantastic cosplay, location and photos! I love the shot with the little sister silhouetted against the jellyfish tank.

Rule 34? also that suite was amazingly made.

suit* damn, caught it just a second too late.


I don't know what Bioshock is so naturally I would not get this.

Was there an aquarium scene in the game? Who is the girl to the robot?


It looks amazing - fantastic Cosplay!

I should play bioshock one day...

that "little sister" has some srs cankles

@35....I hope you're kidding...if your not oh well. Wikipedia "Bioshock" and you will see :D

Also....I wish I knew about this! I live in Atlanta (where the aquarium is) and would have loved to been there and meet this guy. Very cool indeed. They also must have gotten permission from aquarium higher-ups cause that tunnel in the first 3 pics is usually FULL of people at all times and its completely empty here making me think it was blocked off purposely for them.

I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Pics are super cool!

@35 the whole game is based in a sorta underwater city. i suggest you get the game. either NOW or... NOW. or possibly NOW. one of them.
back to the point...
WOW. thats a stunning cosplay. TRULY amazing.

astounding, absolutely amazing. they've absolutely nailed the look of both of the characters. I spent my whole work day looking at this shit..

Again unbelievable, absolutely amazing.

i couldnt like bioshock bc of the mind control plasmid that atlas/fountain (who was a cia agent) had you under. and then the bad guy ending that i got involved me using splicers to hijack a nuclear submarine and attack the world. the game was kinda retarded.

@44 ... way to ruin the plot for others. eight years old? proud of yourself?

These shots were taken during the beginning of September and Dragon*Con. The Georiga Aquarium had a special after-hours thing set up with the folks in charge of Dragon*Con--you were able to get in for... $15 I think it was? and after all the normal folks were gone for the day.

I saw them Saturday evening in the Hyatt, on the second floor. Trust me, it was -amazing- to see the Big Daddy's suit in perfect lighting. It was PERFECT.

Huuuuge props on the cosplay.

@44 Win!

BTW bad ass cosplay.

all I can say is... INCREDIBLE!

I would most likely piss myself if I ran into those two in that tunnel! Freaking AWESOME cosplay!!!

That chick has cankles. Totally ruined it for me.

These have a lot of potential. If only the photographer new what they were doing. Awful editing.

Guys, I don't have cankles. I can see how the flattened foreshortening in some of the shots give that... unfortunate... impression. But I assure you, I'm looking at them right now, and they are quite bony and slim.

And while it would have been cool if I were actually 7 years old, the guy in the Big Daddy suit hates children, so that would not have worked out for us. Can't please everybody all the time!

As for everyone else, thanks for all the compliments!

Denial is not a river in Egypt. It's ok if you have ugly feet - you two nailed it better than anyone else... anywhere. You should get jobs/promotions - hell you can come over and dink my sister!

this is the coolest think i have seen fans do for Bioshock

AMAZING GUYS this is a PERFECT 10!!!

big daddy is great, little sister...not so much. i'd prefer the real thing but that one little geekologist's opinion

Wikkid work and free entertainment! Im trying to muster up the stones to go "full cos-play lifestyle."

Real suits like this are awesome. In the movie it'll probably just be a CGI Big Daddy. Sad.

seriously: daisy, where are you ?

wow.. fuckin awesome.. kudos to big daddy and future wifey.. great work

This Big Daddy suit is up on ebay right now. Bidding is at $610 though...

The big daddy looks good, the crackhead cankles-lady looks kind of like she wants to lure you into her gingerbread house and eat you.

Actually saw this at DragonCon in Atlanta in September.
Amazing piece of work
The Little Sister had to be his handler through the crowds. The visibility in that thing had to suck.

Is it possible to get these pictures at a higher resolution?

well... up until emily's post I was gonna say,

I knew a guy who dated her. He's dead now.

said it anyway. No offense emily. Nice work. I doubt I'll sleep well tonight.

The visibility in that thing had to suck.


You can tell this is an obvious photoshop job cause the shadows are all wrong.

This reminds me of a scene from the movie "Never Back Down" where justindude28 pretended to be Daisy and posted in the Geekologie comments section. He was later flamed for doing such, as can be seen below.

I'd harvest that little sister 8)
that came out...a little sadistic...:|

When those Big Daddy eyes turn red you know your fucked.


@45: We're way beyond the statute of limitations for ruining the ending of Bioshock...if you haven't played it yet, it's your own damn fault. Also, Rosebud is a sled, Moby Dick kills Ahab, and the chick in the Crying Game is really a dude.

amazing game, even more amaxing guys did a fantastic job....keep up the good work, would love to see more in the future.

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This is a Bioshock cosplay beyond epic proportions. And I think that the woman worked fine in the picture. A little kid could not have been that relaxed. I would've screamed my head off if I saw a man in a robot suit like that when I was a kid.

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