Oct 6 2009Yikes!: Vampire Teeth Baby Pacifiers


As if babies aren't scary enough already, now you can get $7 vampire teeth pacifiers that make them look like they're gonna suck blood instead of breast milk. No way -- not from this teat!

Billy Bob pacifiers for babies with personality. You will receive this hilarious, Lil' Vampire Billy Bob pacifier. It is brand new in manufacturers' packaging.

WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child's neck, as it presents a strangulation danger.

Geez, who on earth would ever tie a pacifier around a child's neck? I mean, besides your parents. One time they left you on top of the car and drove off!

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Halloween Lil' Vampire Pacifier Makes Babies Scary Even While Sleeping [walyou]

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Reader Comments

Please make it stop.........

Hell ya! I was just telling my husband the other day we need something like this for our baby....damn...I am way to slow *rips up blue prints*

Wow... these were old when I got one for my friend's baby...over two years ago.

Okay lets think about this. Vampire's can't reproduce so the only way to have a baby vampire is for a vampire to bite a baby, which I'm pretty sure no one does except me.


How did GW know my parents left me on the roof of the car?


Wow... bitching about things being old... that was so two years ago.

vampire babies aren't real just like the afterlife so I'm not worried about that scary little fake vein sucker

Like I would be afraid of a vampire baby.. what is it going to do chase me?


@7 babies are wallet suckers.... they'll suck your bank account dry!

That's bloody hilarious.. HAHA Get it? Cuz vampires... nevermind...

Until the baby looks in a mirror and scares the living crap out of itself. Because vampires don't have reflexions so all it would see is floating teeth!!!


Now I'll never get to baptize the baby without burning his skin!

@9 I've heard... so to prepare for this when the time comes I have created an international political identity I use to gain foreign capitol from allied world leaders for an alias that doesn't actually exist by making promises that never actually solidify while collecting money in an offshore bank account throughout negotiations - - to cover that expense without earning it of course

...I call him 'naas'


Time to push that thing out of the nest and see if it can fly!


Hum. Guess not!

babie's....the other whte meat


The undead can reproduce with the living.
see Blade and the zombie baby from Dawn of the Dead.

@16 the real robotic death army handle was much cooler than very ghey 'scruff mcgruff' one you're using now. you know there are more creative ways to come out of the closet than what you're doing

Must See!!!


I don't know what I would do without Geekologie around to remind me of stuff I saw almost three years ago...

they should make one o' the lol-face. that'll be a cute gift for any little tike

Is there a reason that all this vampire cr*p gets top billing? People are totally forgetting about Werewolves........at least they're kind of making up for it will all the zombie stuff coming out.

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