Oct 9 2009Yeah, But Can It Fly?: Amphibious WaterCar Does 60MPH On Both Land And Sea


The $200,000 WaterCar is the lovechild of a Corvette that fell in love with a cigarette boat. But, like having sex with a mermaid, everyone will tell you it was just a manatee.

Get a Corvette engine, rig it up with a Dominator Jet drive, and then strap it into a floating car, and you get the WaterCar Python, the fastest and highest-performing amphibious vehicle in the world. If zipping over the water at a top speed of 60mph doesn't float your boat, it'll accelerate on land at a neck-snapping 0-to-60 speed of a mere 4.5 seconds.

Call me old fashioned, but I like all my vehicles single-purpose. If it drives on the road, I don't want it in the ocean or sky. I mean, that's just more stuff to go wrong. And wrong, my friends, is the opposite of right. And two Wrights made an airplane. ZING! Thanks for that one, dad.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the thing in action (worthwhile stuff starts at 0:50).




World's fastest amphibious vehicle goes 60mph on water [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I have always wanted a car like this.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the wovie Never Back Down where Max built a sailboat out of a sportscar, and one friend built a houseboat out of a van, and another friend build a speed boat out of a pickup truck. They then tried to drive them across the english channel.

Do want!

Wow that guy really PIMPED his ride, never saw MTV do that. Come here ladies and take a ride in my PIMPmobile.


Though for $50k more I could get the Aston Martin I've always wanted. Oh, which to get first...

this is one of the best videos i have seen in a while. i love the ridiculous impracticality of it, the driving around with a propeller sticking out the back, the baiting for attention from young girls, and the gratuitous butt shot of them riding in the back. the jay z song and the goofy old white dude driving it make the scene complete.

how rusted out would this thing get after a few months?

i wish i hadnt spent my money on a cupcake car

To bad they didnt make the wheels turn when it was in the water would of look alot better But it looks clean and sounds nice @!!!!

badass.... It looks like a lot of water got in the car when the chick got out to swim but I assume that's not an issue. THE SONG GAVE ME A HEADACHE though, I hate that crap shit

@8 the wheels did turn when it turned in the water

They have already done this, it was called the Amphicar. I found it one day at work when I was looking through vehicles that the company I work for won't insure... granted this one is probably a lot cooler.

awesome now if only i were apart of America's top 1%
also the music rocked

@ 9 real or fake naas check the video @ 1:16

@its real naas - see his grammar? i checked ur video is slick, wish I was da ball lke srsly

Awesome, but with 200k I would buy a boat and a corvette and breed them so i could sell a lot of watercar puppies

nothing too new, besides they've had water cars that floated for a few years. This one is just a jazzed up version.

The orange is a nice contrast, though if I were to get one...a ruby color would be hot.

@12 yeah...and?
@14 there's that teenage text shorthand shit again (i) (ur) (da)

Not only is my impostor 13 but apparently a wigger, wow

search Leeroy Jenkins in archives and look in the comments

Ah, man, turns out that ghetto corvette-rear-end-glued-onto-a-truck monstrosity parked at a Wal-Mart was actually a disguised prototype for this BA boat/car. The yokes on us for making fun of that guy's truckvette.

this reminds me, i need to save my milk cartons so i can make my own floating car...ok...gokart....ok...it's a stick with milk cartons taped to it and a skull painted on the top. quit harshing my boner.
also...i would only be interested in one of these if it had a hot tub in the back.

@18 Yeah...and the wheels are obviously not spinning...which is what they meant when they said turning.

Must See!!!


Too bad this wasn't that popular in New Orleans before Katrina. But not everyone can be a boy scout....Be Prepared........for zombies and/or robots

WOW! i'm surprised at how much i like this thing!! thats quite impressive. Seriosuly. IT actually looks good on the street. I like the no-bumper looking front, it reminds me of kick ace 55 chevys with no bumpers... overall it looks like a decent, weird, truck-car.. and then in water its like O_o.... can it roll over easy? either way its prettyinsane.

now they just need to make a utility version.. Its an offroad hummer! its a fishing barge! i'll buy it!

@23 baah of course, I was thinking turning left & right not rotating. Thanks for the clarification

IT'S COOL,the boat and car is very useful for some people.

Love the ride, but I can't seem to find.. what were they called? Oh yes, SEATBELTS! Then again it wouldn't be road legal if it didn't so.. I'm sure they're just tucked away reeeeeeealy well.

I can't help but notice the very HHR-ness or the front end... (which is fugly in case nobody noticed). Don't get me wrong... It's a nice concept but I'd much rather have the Jetski quad...

Also, I wonder how well something like this would handle swamp mud? My real dream is mudding up a Lambo, Ferrari, or Porsche, but this thing would work for me too.

I wonder how well something like this would handle swamp mud? My real dream is mudding up a Lambo, Ferrari, or Porsche, but this thing would work for me too.

If I can just drive up to chicks in biknis and tell them to get into my boat-car thing, and they do, I'll take 3!!

I think this guy need be new james bound movies for his Boat truck geez yall u need sexy lady ride and ur lab dog ride in truck that trun in to boat.. somebody send me cool photo your truly Allen Hamm

So we all know that guy got so much poon after that.

I want this car! fuckin great xDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

@2 you mean the Dover to France Amphibious Car Challenge on Top Gear?

A Dodge Ram screwed a Corvette. It's a great working concept, just too bad that it's ugly as phuck.

And it's the only way overweight, past middle age white guys are ever gonna get that many chicas to go anywhere in any car with them. LOL

Oh, and to the creator of the video- next time, just let the natural sounds be your seller. That wigger rap-shit-crap music would absolutely keep me from buying the product just on the principle that I despise having my hearing accosted by that kind of crap sounding garbage.

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