Oct 14 2009WTF Was That?: Amazing Paper-Flipping Animation Video Thingy Is Slightly NSFW

NOTE: Video is arguably NSFW due to cartoon violence and what may or may not be a penis (it's a penis. It's 100% a penis) from 0:30 to 0:35.

I have absolutely no idea what I just saw even though I watched it five times in a row. I really loved the style, but the subject matter gave me siesta-mares this afternoon. I know I promised I wouldn't nap on the job anymore, but a siesta's different. It's cultural.

Crazy Headsploding Animation Defies Any Classification [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

first. and thats pretty sweet!

did i say that was sweet?! no, thats farging awesome!!

Nice laugh track Freud.

Great animation -experimental animation should be way more prevalent than it is, and this is an excellent reason why. MOAR!


Good God that's amazing...

If you wanna go half soft, just think of old nuns... really old nuns, dead kittens, and Renee Zellweger


not bad

wtf?! Very cool... and slightly confusing



Nowadays, they have meds that can fix his problem!

It makes me smile. Thank you very much!

Awesome work... That was a crazy idea but it worked, amazing. Good job man.

Did we just watch Beavis and Butthead's new video?

That wasn't really that awesome.

Yeah, you're right, it wasn't that awesome. That sweet animation you did that was posted was freakin' epic. Where'd that video go, anyhow?

This guy is damn talented, and seriously patient.

Wow, thats some crazy-ass shit. damned cool.


Okay, I get how that was a lot of work... but that was crude and not even remotely funny. No merit, just completely weak.

Adding to my comment... just because it's on Geekoogie does not make it awesome, even if Geekologie itself is awesome. C'mon ya lemmings.

That was crazy as hell.

Well, that was freaking awesome! But what's up with the bird sex? lol

"See You" not everyone is a lemming just because they liked something you didn't, so kindly shut it.

WOW! That is weird, and dark, and dirty, and gross, but also totally freaking awesome! haha

Oh Retro... I say neer pfft patooie to you! ;)

Geekologie is getting rather slow, this was on http://www.unionversity.com/ weeks ago

Must See!!!


The animation is good and all...

...but why did it had to be grossly grotesque like freakin' Super Jail?

HAHAHA Hummingbird sex

you dont know how many times i wish i could have done that to my sister

yeyuhhh! cool!

@31 because super jail is absolutely bat shit insane + ridiculously rad, its like that show is one huge transition, love it

It reminds me a lot of Johan Vasquez art. I actually thought it was his at first (JTHM and Invader Zim)

that was hilarious, omg, took crazy amount of time to make and put it just right, and wtf, that dog totally ended up being male junk that got mini-jacked.

Dear Sir,

I'm new coming in Graphic development. And I need to compose a animation of Paper folding in Android.
please send coding ...it`s very urgent....

Anyone have tutorial or sample code for my reference?

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