Oct 15 2009*Sniff* A Street Fighter 4 Love Song

This is a Street Fighter love song. It made me sad, especially after reading about missing balloon boy (who better just be hiding under a neighbor's porch). Anyway, it may not be as good as the Mario Kart love song, but it still got to me. And by got to me I mean I wept like a baby chopped down a sequoia with my bare hands and had sex with ten alligators. Excuse me, crocodiles. And there were twelve.

Hadouken: The Street Fighter 4 Love Song [techeblog]

Thanks to naas, who knows how to throw hadoukens in different colors because he practices black magic.

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Reader Comments

first, lame

Verry nice. (That was my dreadful borat impression)

i hate his mustache

yes you are @1, you've never been anything above ust that

JUST that

...someone took my J away & I'm look at you LSDiesel

balloon boy was hiding in a box in the garage. sneaky bastard.

they just found his 10 mins go =P

I don't use Balrog because he only uses punches AND because I'm racist. Which is why I also will not be using Dee Jay in Super SF4. I also won't use T. Hawk just for good measure.


Snazzy new color on the embedded video GW.

what a fag. why do people subject themselves like this.

naas, im down here. I was hiding in a box.

arnold schwarzenegger

@13: You, sir, are full of win.

Shinkuuuuuuuuuuuu… HADOUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posit that Falcon Heene should be renamed Solid Snake (but only after being beaten by his parents).

This was so epic I had to add it to my web video round up on my site. Thanks!

@13 well get back up here, we have unfinished business

He sounds like hes saying "Id do Ken"

Sorry naas its late here down under and im doing my impression of that 'worlds drunkest guy'..............laaa laaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fighting games AAAGGGHHH!! The bane of my existence. I was always terrible at these games.

@ 1 ... FIRSTARD http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q226/phatboimikey/hfgrb.jpg

Meh - as far as video game songs go, I give it a C.
It's nowhere near as good as the Shenmue song.
I'm looking for sailors. . .


I guess this is a bad time to mention that I'm going as C. Viper for Halloween.

@24 hehe, would've made a great addition to the hello kitty anatomy post
@26 yes, not a good time to mention it

i think that song is great

Must See!!!


"I never play as balrog, not because I'm racist, but because he only use his FIST"

Fist actually rhymes with racist. I should write music instead of practicing medicine.

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