Oct 2 2009Serious Eye Candy: Amazing Photograph Of The World's Tallest Rocket Blasting Off


This is a photo of the world's tallest rocket blasting off for outerspace without me. Damnit, I packed a sack lunch and everything! HOLLER AT YOUR BOY, NASA. Come on -- I'll bring you back an alien corpse!

You're looking at the 253.2-foot Delta 4-Heavy lifting off from launch complex 37B at Cape Canaveral, and yes, that's actually a photograph. Good thing the camera was remotely triggered by photographer Ben Cooper, who used sound activation to snap this shot while he was safely ensconced 3 miles away.

We feel sorry for that camera, though, whose lens was destroyed. The good news is, the camera itself somehow survived this hellish inferno as the world's tallest unmanned rocket roared away from its launchpad.

Impressive, huh? We've certainly come a long way since people thought the world was round, am I right? IT'S A D-20 YOU IDIOTS. God loves D&D! Now, gimme a roll for drunkenness, big guy. 19! BLAAAAAAAHH!!

World's tallest rocket roars away, captured in spectacular photo [dvice]

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Reader Comments

OMG i am amazing BUHAHAHAH skrew you all i hope it blows up lol

My god...it's full of stars...

This rocket PROVES the existence of Gravity. Take that, creationistss-tsts.

Everyone down there that makes a penis joke is a sad, uncreative toad.

#3 yay

@2 isn't that line from an episode of Justice league unlimited with that Booster Gold guy. I believe his little robot companion said it

NOOOO my #3 spot o well at least i got 4 and 5

@4 @5 threeTard BUHAHAHA

@3 You said penis roflmfao

@6 When I first started this comment thingie a few years ago I thought there was nothing more sad and disturbing than a firstard. But people actually attach importance to second or third. What deep, dark cave of the soul must they inhabit?

@7 LOL you said "you said penis"

@ 4 & 5 ... massive fail... your fail is taller than the rocket....

@ 3 , lol, you killed my comments ... i confess i am a sad uncreative toad

When I saw the headline "Amazing Photograph Of The World's Tallest Rocket Blasting Off" I thought someone took a picture of me 'killing a kitten'.

.......my penis is actually bigger than that rocket.......no lie.....if it isn't so then let me suddenly become a boastful asshole..

....oh f++k.........i'm an asshole....

@8 Penis just makes it seem so small and cute. Maybe yours is and that's ok they can't all be a c*ck. Sometimes I just want to cuddle thats where you would come in!

Wowy zowy!

@12 Your vagina.... thats where i come in

@14 i come in your arsehole

@15 Don't think so.
Sorry buddy, but that is a one way street.
The only people who put things in my arse are my wife & my dentist

@14 & 15 I already said I don't want a guy who has a "penis". NEXT

@17...i dont have a penis

I got nuthin...........


That picture is of me nailing Cup-O-Jesus's mom. The rocket is my penis and the sky is her ass.

#10 says it was a Canon.


@18 no suprise to anyone. I almost pissed myself cause you honestly didn't realize it. Also right now I have Mcgruff's age pegged at 14. Any other guesses?

@21 hi Jake.

If you are talking about 'in-service' rockets, then yes it is the tallest. If not, then the Saturn V is the tallest rocket ever at 363 ft.

it' only a model

@4 thats from space odyssey: 2001, everything else that says that is just ripping it off

Erm, $10 says it was a Canon, not #10, sorry GoSS.

Yay! ^^ Big arguement,"Who big tough man (or boy) want take me on! I smash to bits your bones!" OH GOD! OH GOD!

Btw... that last part was mother earth when that thing crashes.


It's OK if English is not your first language. Just dial back on the snark meter if that's the case.

Feh, you bunch of young punks, I used to watch the Saturn V blast off. That was a REAL rocket, not like these pissy little firecrackers you see today.

And stay the hell off my lawn!!

I like you Larry. Come sit at the right hand.

Must See!!!


Why is everyone who comments here an idiot? :/

That's awesome. Looks like CG.

@25 & 31
you are the only two here who are right. in fact, the rocket in the photo is only the third largest rocket built. though the picture is still pretty badass, the saturn V still reigns supreme in aeronautics.

get ready for nasa's next steps in aeronautical/space vehicular developments, as they resurrect the rocket & the top-sided, manned capsule, while phasing out the death trap that is the current piggyback space shuttle.

The Saturn V apollo rockets were quite impressive at 363.0 feet in height. This 236.2 ft monster is nonetheless impressive as well.

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