Oct 28 2009Road Rash: Crazy Four-Wheeled Motorcycle


The 2010 Cosmos 4RW V8 Muscle Bike sports four 17-inch wheels, a 250 cubic inch V8 producing 350 horsepower and an extra helping of deathtrap. Want one? Expect to spend $93K. Unless you're Batman, in which case it comes standard in the front end of a Tumbler. Unless he's been drinking, in which case it may come smashed in the grill of an 18-wheeler.

Is a motorcycle still a motorcycle if it has four wheels? [dvice]

Thanks to Chris, who drives a four-wheeled moped which I think we can safely assume has never felt a woman on its Italian pleather seat.

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It's got training wheels.

OLD....Remember the Dodge Tomahawk with a Viper-engine????

old but still awesome! similar to the jet powered 4 wheeled bike....i forget the name of it. not as cool/redneck as the single wheeled bike (not a unicycle)

How 'bout an 18-wheeler motorcycle?

pretty sexy

@3 - that was the first thing I thought of too, but still THIS one seems new...AND chock full of AWESOME!!!

Nice bike, GW...I'll take mine in black if you're giving them out. Thanks!


@8 get an education and learn how to use a keyboard and contrary to popular belief Caps Lock is not cruise control for awesome.....sorry I really don't like the number 8

Batman wouldn't look too out of place on this.

@9 there is nothing popular about the belief of caps being awsome the rules of the internet dont matter here because this is real life not the webs. also looks like the tumbler from the dark knight.

Pretty sure the Dodge tomahawk was better than this.

V10 son!!


Of course the catalog price of US$ 555,000 doesn't make it as affordable.

@12 this one is sexier

There are easier/cheaper ways to get 350+ hp out of a motorcycle. Check out Ghostrider's turbo Hayabusa on Youtube.


Back in my years of wanting a pocket bike, let's say 3-4 years ago. I saw a model just like this but smaller and only about 100cc on the site that I was going to buy from. It cost about 2000 dollars or so.

@ 11 Dirty you should already well know that this site is one of the most critical of grammar, typos, and over all stupid preteens lingo....i say caps lock is included and as such my remarks stand true

Pretty awesome bike... but it reminds me of a certain CGI that came out in 2006. what was it again... based of a international popular game... aah yes Final Fantasy 7: Advent children (complete). I really don't know if he thought it was original or if it's fanboyism. but 3 whole years after that CGI came out is I think enough time to draw the blue prints for this cycle.
But stil Awesome bike, wonder how it's gonna take turns without leaning a certain angle, so that it only supports 2 of the 4 wheels.... I wonder.

@17: take a long hard look at the suspension. it has independent wheels suspension so that one wheel will drop while the other rises, hence keeping all 4 wheels on the ground.

btw GW, the article says it's a 350 cu. in. engine, not 250. God that would be awesome if you could get 350hp out of a 250 cu in v8

Tecknix beat me to it. The tommahawk had a freaking Viper engine in it, or more appropriately, it was a motorcycle wrapped around a dodge viper engine

I remember last month i saw a 3-wheeled motorcycle in a parking lot. Two wheels in the front though. It was weird, but still looked extremely bad ass.

Looks pretty bad*ss, but I really don't take my ride out at more than 70 mph. Too many a-holes on the road...


That was my very first thought. Good catch.


Yeah that really nice stuff !! i would love to have this one !!

With 4 wheels, isn't this thing just a horrifyingly dangerous car?

Panty dropper! but it looks scary and deadly...

looks like a really skinny souped up 4 wheeler to me

so basically some other compan has produced the tomahawk bike that didge was going to make? sweet. and for less than the projected $150,000 that didge had.

I feel like I would just cut myself trying to get on this thing

This is just like that Dodge Tomahawk bike that theoretically could hit 400 miles per hour. They made only two and both are used as art and not actually driving. The kicker was the V-12 Viper engine in that beast. This one is a suitable substitute though.

Perfect for the zombie apocalypse. :D
Yup, I'm putting $10 down on zombie apocalypse.

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