Oct 7 2009Oldschool Destruction: Rampage In Real Life

This is a video of the oldschool classic Rampage in real life, brought to you by the same angry bald man that produced the real life Paperboy (but not the movie). I chuckled. But I did NOT upchuck, even though I did two nights ago. That was the night I walked into the restroom at a bar and caught a guy standing at the pisser trying to blow a snot rocket on the wall above the urinal. So you know what I did? I waited till he was done pissing THEN WHIPPED HIS MONKEY ASS. Being gross: don't do it around me.


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I'm just sayin there have been alot of dino posts lately .... best week ever

lol rampage in real life would scare the shit out of me....until i tame ralph and ride him around tokyo destroying giant gundam statues


@3 your a moron

I don't like his overacting. HAHA!.. ing

EEWWWAH a snot rocket on the wall? I would have beat his ass too, that shit is gross.

Better Rampage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxqSUqvSlLc

Hey Dirty-Dave-Shizno,

When's your site gonna have some cool stuff?

Thanks a lot GW! you gave me a freaking concussion and left me on the floor in stale beer and pee! and i'm pretty sure you charged all your drinks to my tab that night too.....one day GW one day

P.S. hehh Paperboy was better

I like how this theme has become popular online. When only a year ago, there were little videos of this type.

If only someone had made a similar video, of videogames in real life.

Oh well, it's not like I sent it in a few time, or anything. hit the link if you wanna check out the mockumentry style video I made a year ago, about a kid who's life is becoming a videogame.

When the operator asked, "Sir, can you hurt the monkey?"
He should of replied, "Well, I can spank the monkey...."

@7 you are correct sir

Must See!!!


This idiot should stop with the pretend accent. Stop pretending you're British you doofus. You suck at it.

@13 FAQ-U brutard!

I really don't think this guy's videos are funny.

I might be baked.

Wow...GW is hardcore...

@17 might?

@15 homo

The best part of this all the way through is right after she asks him if she told them about the monkey hehehehe

I've thought it for a long time but let me put it down in writing:

Geekologieman you a freaking hysterical!

"Rock and or roll music"? Seriously? This hackney line has been in use for 50 years. Go back to your day job.
G-Dubs...don't post this garbage anymore. Stick with dinosaurs and hot cosplay chicks. Leave the funny movies to CollegeHumor or Funny Or Die.

@23 I like teh funnies, maybe you should just stick to those stupid sites since there's nothing but garbage here

@8 lol the site is suposed to be just that anything else would just be redundent...on a lighter note burnt babies, starving african children and AIDS


I will see you later.....no seriously, I can't see this because of teh FIREwall. So........later it is.

this and the paperboy sketch are TERRIBLE! Are you posting this guy's video's just because he's a geekologie reader? This and paper paper are the two worst video's i've seen in a while. a good example of a video camera and internet connection in the hands of some really not funny people. ahh, the good ol internet. its a melting pot of senselessness

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@ 20 clever hebrew real clever


Very awful. 4 thumbs down.

Hilarious! Ignore the haters on here. I checked out the rest of your vids awesome stuff. Keep up the good work guys!

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