Oct 14 2009Now That's Fine Art: A Coat Hanger Gorilla


Apparently this is old but I don't care because it's the first time I've seen it and if you've seen it before then maybe YOU should have sent it to me earlier. That's right, YOU'RE the one to blame here. Jerk. Anyway, this behemoth was created entirely out of bent coat hangers by Scottish artist David Mach. And I think we can all agree, it speaks volumes. About how, you know, gorillas like to hang from stuff. Get it? Because of the hangers!! God, I slay me.

Coat Hanger Gorilla [reubenmiller]

Thanks to naas, who once Donkey Kong'ed two chicks at once and even though I don't know what that means I'm going to play along like I do. Sweeeet.

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Reader Comments

Gorillas hang from my nutz!


and third... That be a crapload of metal.

whoa that looks freaking awesome! wouldn't keep that in my room though.
nice pun gw, you're a genius!

Not very cuddley

I love your attitude about the age of good material GW, well done ☺

I dont even have 3 coats, so... lets melted! *_*


@8 ILLITERATE....(it says 'old' in the first line, try reading next time)

And see there IS a use for wire coathangers other than breaking into cars and as replacement car aerials.

This is old and I know I've seen it before, but the weird thing is I could SWEAR that I first saw it on this site.

IM SOOOOOO jealous! I wanna do that but with cardboard!


No wire hangers!


great googley moogelys i dont wont one

I don't know why they put it on the floor like that, they should just hang it up!

watching congo gets you laid. FACT


awesome, i love it! i WOULD have it in my room.... or on the roof of my house.
@14, do you have to use such crude language? your making the rest of the Uk look like we dont know any real volcabulary,
@17 shit does have and E on the end of it if your spelling shite.

I miss daisy.

looks huge... it probably weights as much as a real gorilla

Must See!!!


This is the coolest piece of art made out of hangers that I have ever seen. Granted its the only hanger art I have ever seen but it's still pretty damn cool.

I want that thing to give my girlfriend an abortion.

WOW! Love it!

This is the first time I've seen it, but the only websites I frequent are Geekologie and Redbox. Both for the same reason.

I have two thoughts:

Hellraiser Gorilla.

Don't-Come-Near-Me-With-The-Soft-Side-of-Velcro Gorilla.

This is terrible; it should be released into the wild with his brethren! Free hanger gorilla, free hanger gorilla!

I'm so putting my coat on that.

who's that MILF on the pic btw?

Gobsmacking. Awsum.

So be creative!A BIG COATgoralla,


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