Oct 30 2009NASA's Ares Rocket Breaking Sound Barrier


This is a beautiful shot (super high-res version HERE) of NASA's Ares rocket taken earlier this week just as it broke the sound barrier. Pretty awesome, huh? Just imagine if you were sitting on top. WHEEEEE!!

What you're looking at is called a "shock egg," or the Prandtl-Glauert singularity, or a shockwave that compresses air and forces the vapor out of it. You see this kind of stuff a lot in photographs trailing behind fighter jets, but it's especially awesome when it happens to rockets. According to NASA, the shot was taken by one Scott Andrews, who used a Canon of some sort.

Hell yes, shock egg. Now tell me -- which do you think came first: the supersonic chicken or the shock egg? Trick question! Dinosaurs.

Ares rocket's 'shock egg' in mind-blowing clarity [dvice]

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reminds me of the moonraker rocket. not from the bond movie, but from the book.

the movie was an Fing atrocity!

do i...do i break the sound barrier to make it look like a penis?

TOP 5! Also, looks like a phallus.

reminds me of the 'unique" rocket. not from the Austin Powers movie, but without the peanuts. XD

That sound barrier is mad broken. Just like the sound barrier link on its page.

It would behoove us as a nation to disband the NASA program. What more do we really need to do on the moon? But you know... thankfully, our education systems are rotting to the core!


If your penis looks anything like that, you should go see a doctor.

@8 LMAO was thinking the same thing. Don't get that freak of a penis near me.

I have a rocket ship for a penis....


That's cool!

Cool flying toilet brush!!!

@13, that could be possible....oh wait I'm sensing an random ad attack!

"This toilet brush cleans with super rocket action that uses it's mighty powahs to break through sound barriers and the scum in your toilet bowel!"

Its only 2343 payments of $9.99!

something about a penis .... HAHAHAHAHA i did it again

Its really amazing.I am shocked how nasa engineers can built it.

Arse Rocket?

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