Oct 16 2009Map Shows All Flights Over North America


This is a screenshot from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (an organization that knows how to party) real-time map of flights over North America. Except it's not actually real-time, it's delayed 5 minutes. Of course, judging from the 2005 copyright in the lower left this may have existed for awhile. But what it lacks in newness I think we can all agree is more than made up for in, uh, little white dots. Don't let Pac-Man see it!

Flight Explorer [natca]

Thanks to e, who's contemplating flying south for the winter. Smart -- I don't jive with the cold either.

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First ! Wouhou =D


it's been a sad day on geekologie with all the firstard shit flung all over the walls.... and they think it's 'cool'


I like all the little shadows. So you know they are above the ground.

I'm surprised Google didn't come out with this first.

...not too many people going to south america these days, I wonder why


Oh come on gotta do it.....


And this is just the commercial flights. With all of the general aviation activity, this map would be a lot dottier (that's right...i can invent words too). Here's a cool link for tracking flights from origin to destination, over a period of time, or at a given airport: http://flightaware.com . You can track commercial and/or general aviation flights there. It isn't very good at tracking foreign registered aircraft though...mostly just commercial and N-registries (US registered aircraft).

So what ? :|

Not as cool as the one which shows the whole world, in line form: http://www.lx97.com/maps/#


blowem all to hell

Wait... White dots... Pac-man.. Planes... INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM! My god man, you've solved it. Pac-man was responsible for 9/11.

OMG! it looks like there are a lot of planes heading towards NYC and DC.

@3 - Have you ever thought that harassing the first tards actually serves to create more and firstier first tards?

@3 yes I have, and while doing nothing doesn't seem to help the problem I sometimes like to think that doing something might

...I also like to share those pcs & gifs with the rest of you, just because I know a lot of you find some of them humorous sometimes - and that's the kind of guy I am

If you have any solution to help them evolve for the better of all that is geekologie, I'm all ears

woa I meant @16 not @3

huge misfire, sorry

You keep chastising the firsttards and I'll do my best to post "FIRST" for the first 5 comments to block the first tards from getting firsttarded.

whatever makes you feel purposeful Richard McBeef

@naas, like your pics. Always click.

Gotta say, firstardism don't bother me none. Abusing them seems to be a kind of game, like monster rain or yo-mamma. Mr. Cow and pig are alright too.

And of course Daisy is bestest ever. Busy lately tho, solving world peace, sabotaging the Large Hadron thingy, and posing for Playboy. Hope she comes back to visit occasionally.

The only thing that bothers me are those pictures/videos/words at the top, by some troll calls himself GW. I just skip that stuff.

@21 it doesn't truly bother me either honestly, but when something so ghey & stupid goes on and on and on and on.....

♪ Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard
♪ Their shadows searching in the night
♪ Streetlight people-oooOOOooooOOoOOoaa, living just to find emotion
♪ Hiding, somewhere in the night

@21 come on man, wtf? gw is the best.

@23 I do believe that was a joke

@24, and 21
my bad.. I do apologize if it was.

oh yeah this perfect for my next terrorist attack!!!!

@25, it's ok. Just a joke. GW is my huckleberry.


falcon kick!


@27 yay and yeah just standing up for him.

GW is awesome. The file name is "da plane da plane"

some of the planes look like a flock of birds.



For realtime-3D track of flights of Barcelone airport as well as realtime noise measurements.

The shadows are nice. But they are in the south of the planes, so the sun is in the north?

Holy shat are you saying the shadows are all wrong, in a logical way?

Have to agree in this case.

Lol good job. Hope daisy falls into the Hadron Collider.

Iris, your sarcasm is detector broken? Have to award you n00b of the week. =p

@34 if daisy fell in the Hadron Collider... :|

we'd get a fake blackhole.

@34 Uh.... No, the sarcasm was just that good?
Btw, check your grammar :)

haha Mexico fail.

oops! my bad it's a NORTH American map.....not including Central America...

@21 she did all those things before breakfast now she's working on the truly perplexing of questions like What the hell are those big red plastic balls on power lines for? or What causes muscle spasms? or Why do we yawn? or If you're not thinking of anything does that mean you don't exist? or Why do firstards post second or even seventh? i could seriously go on forever?

by the way, good comments people really way to go!



I is can haz rase 4 knob of the weak awalled
(translate: I'll race you for the noob of the week award)

@37 --> man, Mexico is part of North America! (didn't you take geography lessons?) But apparently The National Air Traffic Controllers Association only controls traffic in US and Canada.

The fact that we speak spanish does not makes us from central america.


i said grammar not spelling
but i see your inadequate in both
so I'll just let you have it, looks like you already won by a landslide

@39 my bad

Don't you know they use rolodex in Mexico?
(It's a Gabriel Iglesias joke)

Yeah I know about the grammar goof.
I think you are winning by a landslide though, due to your latest entry. ;p
Unless I add IS somewhere here.

@3 I used to find the first thing stupid. But then i saw it so much that it kinda became a challenge for me. One day im going to be the first to post and then. well after that who cares.


@41 you mean "you're" not "your".

way to go...everyone has a red pen.

there is a time lapse of this map from 9/11.

all the planes disappear in a hurry. @26- rot in hell.

@ 28

My hero! You saved the day again!

Must See!!!


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