Oct 2 2009Kill It With A Toaster Oven!: WALL-E Sandwich


Anna the Red, best known for her incredible video-game themed Bento boxes, went and made a WALL-E on wheat. She has a tutorial on how to make your own over at her website if you're interested, so I went ahead and printed it out and gave it to my mom. Gosh, I hope I get a juicebox too!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots showing off WALL-E's 3-Dness.



Wall-E sandwich Art is Too Edible To Be True [walyou]

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Anna the Red is going to get one lucky husband some day.

i would tap that...because i make my own mayo and i dont care what anyone says, then i would eat it...mmm thick mayo too!

Aaawww him too cute to eat.........:)

I made this AWESOME peanut butter & jelly sandwich today that looked just like 2 triangles!!!!! I gotta get some pictures of it posted. Oh wait, too late.
I guess I can always post pictures of it when it comes out.

This is made of win! What a cute-looking sandwich. I *heart* WALL-E...

I ate the sandwich and now I *fart* WALL-E. I love the multiple angles...just in case we didn't get it from the first shot.

why did you change the article title from "with teeth" to "with a toaster oven"?

dammit shawn hurry up and post something!!!

Man I love Wall-E

Wall-E is a fail-bot

WALL-E rocks, dude
The effects in that movie were second only to the effects of my magic moving tatoo

I've seen your black magic moving snake tattoo and it only moves when blood rush's to it

Hey! This sandwich PROVES the existence of Wall-E! We should sell it on E-Bay for $20,000. ($113,000 in dog dollars) BTW, $20,000 was the winning bid on that cheese sandwhich with mary's face on it.

Honestly, I feel like a boob for working for a living. I should be able to come up with crap like that.

That's not true!
This site is rather inconvinient as far as conversation goes, but it's pretty funny

i suppose lol

@15 if you want conversation call your mom.

or i could call your mom... serioulsy son why does she keep changing her number i mean i only beat her because your grades were so bad..and i'm an alcoholic..and i am reeeeaaalllly sorry for touching you as a child.forgive me please son pleeeeease?

My mom would knock the ugly off of ur Scruffy ass.

its cool :D


well it would seem she dosen't really want me back mah boy... I'm sorry we failed to be good parents to you. we both have AIDS by the way... we got it before you were born so there is a high chance you may have it, might wanna get checked

seriously... why'd you change it. i really want to know

Wow this sandwich is so freaking cool!!! Now i have a cool idea of getting into that girls pants, you can't turn down a guy who spends some time in making your sandwich like that.

Must See!!!


When life gives you Zombies... You won't have the time to make cute little sandwiches, so enjoy this while you can.

wow it yummy how to do that?

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