Oct 16 2009I Like: Superheroes In Old War Photographs


This is a little gallery of old photographs with pictures of superheroes Photohaxored in. I thought they were pretty neat, but perhaps you don't. And maybe that's the fundamental difference between you and I. Well, besides how handsome and smart you are. Did I say you? I meant me. It's true, one time I looked in a mirror and it shattered itself because it was so jealous of my handsomosity (and word wizardry). I jest -- I was so ugly I put my fist through it. REFLECT ON THAT, YOU STUPID MIRROR! Also, my hand bled and this nancy Edward begged to lick it but I wouldn't let him. Just sayin', I can be a lamb too.

Hit the jump for three more, including a little Fidel action.




Super hero Photography

Thanks to Obama Pacman, who doesn't need superheroes to do his dirty work because he eats that shit up like the presidential dot muncher that he is.

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Reader Comments

"Hey Fidel.... behind you"


superman didn't look too super back then, it was before they tidied up his uniform though


Getting an inspirational speech before battle by Batman probably does wonders for troops. Our military should try that.

The shadows are all right :D

Looks like spiderman has a mild case of droopy drawers

How come these so called "superheroes" aren't doing a thing but LOOKING heroic? And Batman supports Castro now? WTF?

I wanna see some comic book villains in some of these photos... like the Riddler dropping an H bomb or something.

@8 I think he is going after Castro. Look at the guy on the left. "Oh shit! Batman is here," he seems to say.

@8 & 10: No, I was there. Batman is saying "well, fellas, I really think we should end this stupid and pointless embargo against Cuba now."

Look at superman's feet. Hes floating.



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was being driven around by spiderman, and spiderman stole his wallet.

Stupid and disrespectfull to all the brave men who died in battle. Whoever did this is a turd.

Spiderman looks like one of those Halloween costume packages and did they really have to use the dork from Superman Returns? And no Michael Keaton. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!

eh.... these pictures have potiential but whatev.

"The fundamental difference between You and I." It's ME, for Christ's Sake, Not I. I is a subject pronoun, ME is a direct object. What planet are your from? C'mon!!!! Get with the game. Man. I mean really.

sweet! batman looks kinda evil in the picture where Fidel is.
and gw, what are you talking about? You're freaking hot! that miriror was totally just jelous

OOhh loving the batman ones. EVIL!! Superman looks a bit fruity!

What the Hell is scene #2? It's not combat; the guys in the background are standing full up. Riot control in a U.S. city?

@ 12

Yeah sure, just as soon as they stop shooting political dissidents in the head. I have an idea, read a book that doesn't have Che's head on the cover.

This reminds me of the beginning of watchmen

Too bad the superheroes aren't in action.


YES. I was just thinking that.

pretty cool but the different Batmans threw me a little. still cool idea

well. these are about as entertaining as the watchmen.

@23: yeah right, genius. If Cuba becomes all friendly and democratic, then your country's government won't have anywhere to indefinitely (and illegally) detain and torture people, will they?

LOOOOVEd the last 1 XDD Fidel+Batman XDDD

1) Is it very wrong of me that my first thought was, "Superman and Batman were around during WW2, but Spider-Man wasn't"?

2) John Devere @16, I can understand why yoiu might feel that way, but I respectfully disagree. Especially since images of superheroes joining in the fight against the Axis were a famous morale-booster for the real-life GIs.

3) Jaded icon @23, I would feel more sympathetic towards your position if you defended it honestly, rather than casting aspersions on the people who disagree with you. Also I must ask, are you in favor of an embargo against every dictatorship that murders its own people, or at least against the U.S. subsidizing them?

4) Gavern @24, I would so love to see an entire fim devoted to the Minutemen, the Justice Society or whomever in WW2, with lots of real-world history in the background.

Must See!!!


WTF?!?!?!? We are supposed to believe they are real Nikes when you can barely type english?!?!?! Tell the sweat shop you work for to invest in better english translation software. Just sad...................

I think its cool.

along the same tricky lines: http://blog.griffon.ro/category/vampires/

i like that movie!!! :D

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