Oct 31 2009HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Have Fun Everyone!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! This is me in my get-up last year just before losing the costume contest and sai-ing all the judges in the face. Everybody have fun out there tonight and remember to be safe (but not too safe). Also, if you see a David after the Dentist stumbling around, that's me (I scored a nitrous tank!). HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Reader Comments

Its going to rock!

LMAO THAT IS AWSOME.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU DRUNK BASTARD! damn caps was on too late to back up oh well

I'm not sure what to say... that is...ah..something...ah...else...

HAHA that last reference totally made me laugh.
OH GW you silly bitch

man! total photoshop!!! huh guys!?!?! yeah.... no? haha j/k

WTF is he?

Hulk with ninja turtle tendencies, or a ninja turtle with hulk tendencies?

Ah, he's hulk, there's no shell!



Why is it that i can tell he is of african decent??

Oh noez! i'm sick, i'm not going to do anything tonight )':

Everyone! have fun!

is it just me, or have only dudes commented on this so far. Weird.

that what it looks like when i lookz down my pants! all veiny and stuff!!!!! LOZ

Happy halloween everyone!

Fantastic picture GW.


Happy Halloween peoplez! Don't beat up too many cute trick o treating kids.One or two will show them XD

Happy Halloween!

O noez, how did you find that photo of me!

Send me an email if you want to join lockerz, invitation only

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Dude, we didn't get a single trick or treater this year... Maybe that's because it was raining... =(

Hey Im a man

Teenage Mutant Ninja Steroids

At least he got the fukking Mutant part right......

DISGUSTING!! That has ruined my childhood memories of Rapael!! He should not be portrayed in this way!! Ugh.

my eyes bleed now

I wish I hadn't noticed that his balls look as grotesquely disfigured as the rest of him......


OMG 27th!!!!

Can I comment on here without having anything to sell or a link to another website?

Is this now officially a venue for (un) covert spamming?

Or do those people linking to other websites really have such dumb things to say? "Wow, green is a color. LOL!"

I, dunno

That is a photoshop of Dexter Jackson the 2008 Mr. Olympia winner

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wow his tight undies emphisizes his ballz!

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