Oct 22 2009For Your Internal Operating System: Japanese Burger Kings Selling Windows 7 Whoppers


Because there's no better way to market a new operating system, Burger Kings in Japan are selling limited edition Windows 7 Whoppers to coincide with the release of the operating system today. What is a Windows 7 Whopper? Try seven mostly-beef patties stacked high on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise. What, no cheese? But I want to die! 30 customers a day will be able to buy the whopping Whopper for ¥777 ($8.55), but after that it'll set you back a staggering ¥1,450 ($17.10). Which, I'm sorry, but no way. $17 for a burger? THOSE BETTER BE SNOW LEOPARD PATTIES. See what I did there? God I'm L337.

Burger King selling a Windows 7 Whopper in Japan [engadget]

Thanks to nichire, Jamez, and Billy Avenue, who could each eat two of these and still down a chocolate milkshake and some onion rings.

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Reader Comments

I'd buy one.... after eating noodles for about a week straight a 7 layer burger like this is ideally enticing


Talk about a colon cleanser!

Not to be outdone, Mickey D's should release the septuple Big Mac...layers upon layers of thousand island drenched goodness!!! Oh yeah...and their fries are better.

Seriously though...that thing probably packs enough calories to last a week, and it would probably take you that long to get out of the bathroom.

Noodles all week, naas...no bueno, my friend. At least I hope you're mixing it up between ramen, mac & cheese, egg noodles, etc. Still...packing away that much pasta is sure to get old quick. Take a PB&J break.

MC Rob Base would be so proud....*sniff*

I could num num num for like 7 days on those 7 layers.

I pooped a little bit just looking at a picture of that thing.

I would buy that and some buns at the store, take it home, and make a burger party. Oh, and some cheese. Ran Ran Ruuuuu!

I would buy that and some buns at the store, take it home, and make a burger party. Oh, and some cheese. Ran Ran Ruuuuu! Lol, maybe McDonalds should advertise Mac operating systems, it just makes sense.


I'd tap it.

That'll instantly cure any eating disorder. From 90lbs to 900.

Why are there 8 beef layers in the picture??? They cant even get Windows 7 hamburgers right!


I love seeing Japanese writing and out of nowhere you see a number... the dialog in my head is like "hwan chwon chi cho hyruken forty five ching chang chow thirteen..."

@ 13

Hey Michelle...you know who REALLY cant get it right? You! Learn how to count you dumb bitch! Maybe it's your math teacher who can't "get it right".


@ 16


@ 15

I love reading comments like yours. You just showed everyone how much of a dumbass you are.


Has anyone here eaten one of Japan McDonald's Mega Macs? It's just a regular menu item. holy shit. Their frail figures are all genetics cuz they eat like shit these days.

Wow, did you think of that awesome insult on your own or did you have your mommy and daddy help you out, cmon n00b show a little creativity for once in your pathetic life...

It's really just one normal patty and 6 patty update patches.

ha ha ha ha ha!


Do you feel better about yourself now? You're still a dumbass.

Also, I like how you spelled "Stompy's" still a dumbass, apostrophe fail twatsickle..

7 BK burgers = 7 times that odd aftertaste

Les commentaires sont encore plus drôles que l'article ...

[ Attention ce commentaire peut contenir des traces d'ironie ]

If it had snow leopard patties it'd have to come in an all aluminium wrapper.

Stompy, the apostrophe before the s is for a conjunction. "Stompy is still a dumbass." Get it, sweetheart?

Please continue responding. You're just proving yourself to be more of dumbass.

hahaha hahahaa.

I died the minute my eyeballs fell on the picture.

I am commenting from the grave with an impacted bowel.

Stompy's a dumb@ss FTW!! wait.. doesn't that mean he isn't? LOLZ

Call Robo Rooter, something rhyming with owl,
and we can also help with an impacted bowel.
Robo Rooter.

whatever, engrish is not my strong suit, I reserve my powers for tard detection for aholes like you...I'll respond with what ever false information I damn well feel like... still makes you a twatsickle... and how am I your sweetheart? Only attractive girls between the ages of 18-30 get to call me that name...

Good comeback. ok, you're not a dumbass.

You're my sweetheart because I'm fukking you, along with anyone else you pay to
pull out their twatsickles, d!cks or d!ldos, whatever their age.

Does your @ss hurt, stompy?

Yes, my butthole hurts. I am a stupid stupid dumb idiot moron dumb boy. Please let me eat a bowl of your poops? I will also guzzle your jizzle and gargle your spizzle. Also, I am of homosexual descent.

@27 who says 'sweetheart' to someone they don't know after believing they've one-upp'd them with something as minute as elementary grammatical corrections? You must be old & significantly overweight, I bet you feel strong today showing stompy who has t3h smartz. - don't you?

I guess homosexual fantasies are a common part of your day, what with you being a twatasorous rex and all..

and a dumbass

exactly, even though i screwed up my heart was in the right place by yelling at this twatzilla...

I'm calling it like it is. I'm not trying to "one up," naas. Why did you get all upset when I started talking about your boyfriend?

shhhh... you're a dumbass. save your twat-whatever for naas.

I got an idea, how about naas and i keep sounding funny and entertaining people with our insults and you keep trying to choke back your homosexual feelings from bleeding through on your posts...

twat basket...

Great idea. Continue being a dumbass, thinking you're entertaining. I'll try to stop imagining you and naas aren't holding hands. Really. I'm trying to ignore it.

Whoever the Stompy person is, I have a feeling is Scruff Mcgruff...

*hugs stompy*

...Really? Can we get back to the task at hand? This burger is going to kill 30 people today!

...On a side note, I love the fact that they call it "american size." XD At least, I think that's what it says.

@38 what makes you think I'm upset? I'm doing great over here, you've misunderstood my approach. I'm actually just laughing at your mannerism's, feeling all proud over there like you've fixed us all by crossing a few T's and downing a few more oreos

Why would you also assume or accuse me of being a homosexual based on absolutely nothing you have no idea about? Psychology says it's because you're a little gay yourself, and while I won't assume anything I don't think that's something to be ashamed of. I understand gay people are very happy

Part of me wants you to stay here & keep trying because it's humors me, but on the other hand if you're just an angry fat person with a lot of time to waste today then please take out your repressed gayness on someone elses butthole sweetheart

@40 look at you having a field day with your supreme wit & calling people gay, you are everything people are missing in their lives. keep winning you, super you
@41 it's not & it's obvious
@42 yes, really

I have no idea what that means but I'll take it as a compliment...

@50 foot twat
what was that? sorry, i couldn't hear you over the sound of your homosexual tendencies...

To bad theres like a billion retarded health nuts here, never get it in the friggin country. I want one so bad! This tower of dead cooked cow is so beautiful!

Numbers are pretty god damn universal jackass Stompy

UPDATE: Because they are oblivious to this sh.it like PAris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, NAAS AND STOMPY are not fu.cking entertaining and need to go die. Nobody freaking likes you or cares if you ever post here again. We just like the articles. THANKS

@45 I don't know if I'd take that as a compliment. Scruff McGruff was annoying You're at least creative with your insults.

@49 I like what naas & STOMPY have to say. Granted I hated STOMPY after our first back and forth a while ago.

@49 thank you for your unrequested and uninteresting input, however If we need any shit from you please know - - we'll come over there and squeeze your head, THANKS

FIRSTLY, I think a penguin patty would be delicious

SECONDLY, STOMPY was the the bigger idiot until just before you call him honey. You're both on equal footing now



Do you think you need to format before installing?

Ewwww. Fortunately there seem to be only 15 Burger Kings in Japan (I've lived here for 8 years and have never seen one), so they'll only be killing, what? 450 people a day?

This is also the country where they have 3-hour-long TV specials devoted to comedians eating 100 servings of curry in a 24 hour period or something, or eating every menu item at a restaurant.... crazy batchit insane.

since i live in england not japan but love burger king... ive recreated my own version... with 8 onion rings in TWO SEPERATE LAYERS... i think im gonna die. LONG LIVE ELVIS

wow, this is the most ridiculous looking thing I've ever seen. I know they are not even thinking about bringing that horrid idea over to the U.S. But I guess Windows has the cash flow to persuade anyone to do anything. The disturbing thing about this offer besides that it cost $17 bucks for a heart attack but what do they mean by "mostly beef patties" nice to know they admit to the mystery meat.

This whopper won't have any of the problems that the Vista whopper had. I've personally programmed this thing to clog your brain with enough fat to stop all logical thoughts. You will be come the whopper slaves I have envisioned all the way back when I single handedly created Q-DOS from leftover programmer brains. You will never utter the words Mac or Big Mac AGAIN,... Muhhaahahaa

This Windows 7 Burger has been hacked

Had one with 8 patties like 2 years ago. Windows should catch up.

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