Oct 12 2009Eh: Marge Simpson In Upcoming Playboy


Whee, Marge Simpson is gonna be in the upcoming November issue of Playboy. Great, like I haven't already seen her naked a million times in those racy cartoon pop-ups that I got from that sketchy hentai porn site came pre-installed on my computer.

Playboy said the cover and a three-page picture spread inside was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the "The Simpsons" and part of a plan to appeal to a younger generation of readers.

Scott Flanders (IRONIC!), the recently-hired chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, told the Chicago Sun-Times in an interview that the Marge Simpson cover and centerfold was "somewhat tongue-in-cheek."

"It had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual," Flanders told the newspaper. He said the magazine hoped to attract readers in their 20s compared to the average Playboy reader's age of 35.

Right, "hip, cool and unusual". Listen, Playboy, this guy sucks. You want somebody to help you appeal to a younger, more influential demographic, I'm your man. And by man I mean huckleberry. You're no Daisy -- you're no Daisy at all! Wow, that just took on an all new, much sadder meaning.

Marge Simpson makes cover of Playboy [yahoonews]

Thanks to Scarlet, Camille, john and Duke, who aren't stimulated by cartoons because they're sexually repressed. Geez, you guys need some Saturday morning therapy.

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"i gotta boner"


Throw Lois Griffin in the mix , then I'd pay attention.

Throw Lois Griffin in the mix , then I'd pay attention.

Yeah, because the younger generation wants to see naked cartoon characters in playboy just as much as they want to see non-nude spreads of heidi montag.

Playboy has officially dodoed itself

...because the younger guys are attracted to middle-aged mothers?

Seriously, who *really* wants Homer's sloppy seconds?

I came

I made this tip as well! No thanks to me? Blah!

Anyway, I'm buyin' this episode, that's f'sure.

How about Jessica Rabbit?
I always wanted to see her 'neged' when i was a kid.

If you want to attract a younger generation, then how about a three page spread of Samus Aran naked? Princess Zelda? Maybe an Asari from Mass Effect?

I'm sick of low-quality toon-porn.

Where's Daisy at?
It's the perfect time for him/her/it to exclaim how it's a "COMPLETE ILLUSTRATOR JOB".

Who would guess that Flanders not only reads Playboy, but is also its chief executive?


Phht! Look at that airbrushing. Like anyone's thighs are THAT yellow.

A series of photos of Samus enjoying a playful bubble bath with Zelda and peach... nuff said...

Actually, I forgot... this is what young kids are into these days...


@17 I came again

@ 17 THAT should be playboy's centerfold...

Do not want. It's not hip, cool, or unusual, it's just stupid.

For some reason I feel the urge to KILL every time I see that photo.

Toon porn is not what the younger generation is interested in. We like real boobs just as much as the older, slightly more creepy generation.

@20 http://www.kellerpickem.com/4chan/PicardHitit.jpg

it's an appropriate movie you quote...Tombstone.
This rag is going to need one now. You'll have people buy this issue out of curiosity and the next month's sales will bottom out again.

Never been done before? Im pretty sure Maxim put Marge on the cover like six years ago. If you want me to buy put Mrs LoveJoy on. RAAWWWRR

worst playboy cover ever.

Guess blue pubes could be kinda hot, but if she has them sculpted anything like her hairdo, it'll end up looking like a giant blue schlong. Got enough of that action with Doctor Manhattan...thank you very much.

I say someone take up a collection to burn every issue of this magazine so we can give Playboy a second chance at this month's issue. Odds are they were just seduced with wads of cash so a second try at real boobies is fair, IMO.

Benicio del Toro interview! xD

@5 that's the first thing i thought of when i saw this about a week ago. Who wants to see marge naked? there are so many other better choices

Wait, was that seriously a Tombstone reference at the end there? Me and my friend say that all the time, "Im your huckleberry" "Ive got two guns, one for the both of ya"

Iuventus Stultorum Magister.

Scott Flanders really is no Daisy. Playboy is heavily photoshopped. Or maybe they still use an airbrush. And bang out their copy on a trusty ol' Underwood.

I think sales will go up just for the Simpsons collectors.

and i am already a sick freak so more then likely I will pick this up.

If I did not then it was because I am cheap.

The sad things is I will probably still buy it.....

I think we're all missing the main issue here - it's not ironic that the dude's name is Flanders, it's coincidental.

Irony and coincidence. Two very different things people. Sort it out.

Must See!!!


Should have done a Lois Griffin spread instead.

Well it is ironic, since this is kinda out of Marge's character(the only reason she revealed herself in the show is to distract a crowd of oogling men).

@37 It is called irony.
The fact that Flanders is the christian guy who abhors anything secular and the guy who issued this has the last name of Flanders.
It is ironic, as well as coincidental, but the appropriate term is irony.

Marge Simpson, Stephen King, Tracy Morgan...you sure this isn't from 1999?

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