Oct 19 2009DO WANT: Tyrannosaurus Rex Wall Decals


This $45 Tyrannosaurs Rex wall decal is available from Etsy seller lildecalshoppe (who will make you any decal you want) and is definitely something I'd never tire of waking up next to. Also, a box of Thin Mints.

* Made from 7 year high quality vinyl * Measures 65 x 45 inches * Available in many other colors. Please email color choice or black will be sent.

We use a durable high grade matte finish vinyl which gives a painted look and feel to your wall. Decals are self adhesive making them easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind. This material is specifically made for interior walls and will last a very long time indoors.

7 year vinyl? They're aging their vinyl! If that's not a sign of quality I don't know what is. Because one time I drank 12-year old bourbon and then when I was puking it felt like I was breathing fire. DAMN YEAH JUST LIKE BOWSER!

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Thanks to twellve, who is totally gonna get one for her new nephew. Jealous!

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They should make them 'glow-in-the-dark' so they can terrify kids when the lights are out too!

FIRST haha


Do they have the mudflap silhouettes too?

Any decal I want? Let's see, I'll have an Optimus Prime, a Millennium falcon, and a large fry.

Well, if you were dating me i could just paint you one ;P also i know how to drill a hole in a wall, not saying the two statements are related....

can I get one in the image of Muhammad?

The glow in the dark would be cool. But I'd make only the teeth glow. Or have a chewed up little kid glowing in it stomach :D

Donno about him, but I'd want furniture instead!

What, is vinyl like cheddar cheese now?

7 year grade means it's fit to last up to 7 years OUTSIDE with weather, UV rays, etc. (We call this high performance)

BUT High performance has a strong adhesive and will most likely ruin your paint job. Ask for low-tac or calendared vinyl which is made for indoor application.

Additionally, ANY sign/print shop will make a custom decal like this for you if you walk in and talk to them about it.

These decal is also available with a full 3D color picture of the dino's - these are just shadow silhouettes. While they are badass, they are not awesome to the power of extreme rad

what is that kid looking at ... is there another one on the ceiling or is the kid CGI?

I want ones of robuts, with dapper hats
/ * ---*\
| ==C | ==C
||_ ||_

lol the kid is totally photoshopped into the picture, look at his feet

Wow! That kid is really good at making shadow puppets!

It's going on my garage door! Im sure that will help with the resale value.......at least it couldn't hurt it.

Eat him t-rex! Eat the CGI kid and make love to me while we dance atop his mangled corpse!

Must See!!!


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