Oct 15 2009UPDATE: 6-Year Old (NOT) Floating Around In Homemade UFO Balloon


That's no 'Get Well' balloon, that's a 20' foil aircraft with a 6-year old boy inside, floating aimlessly 8,000 feet above eastern Colorado. Uh-oh.

The helium balloon was tethered to the boy's family home in Fort Collins, the Larimer County Sheriff's Department said. The boy got into the craft Thursday morning and undid the rope anchoring it.

Margie Martinez of the Weld County Sheriff's Office said a sibling saw the boy climb into the basket before the balloon took off. Since the door on the balloon was unlocked, Martinez said it's possible the boy had fallen out.

"The structure at the bottom of the balloon that the boy is in is made of extremely thin plywood and won't withstand any kind of a crash at all," said Erik Nilsson, Larimer County emergency manager, according to CNN affiliate KMGH.

Great, so he either fell out or won't survive the crash. Hooray for positive thinking. Come back down safely, balloon boy.

UPDATE: No boy when balloon landed. Not good.

: Falcon (the boy's actual name) was found hiding in a box in the garage attic (great search effort). This calls for celebration! (you hold him down, I'll tie on the fireworks)

6-year-old Colorado boy floats away in balloon [cnn]

Thanks to Jimmothy, stacy, jordana, dorothy, NICKSTER, rya, Jake, e.,The Superficial Writer, steven, Nigel, Valhalla, Lizzie, Noah and pepe la PEW PEW, whose parents thankfully never let them play around giant UFO balloons unsupervised.

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Reader Comments

Someone saw UP too many times.


No kid inside!!!


little guy is mingling with the celebees now



No fair, I wanna be with the Celebees too :(

Social Darwinism at its finest. It's sad, but I don't have high hopes for the offspring of any moron who was stupid enough to leave a foil balloon that was obviously ready for liftoff unattended and tied to a tree, with knots that a six-year-old can undo. What the hell did they think was going to happen?

So lame, Theres No Freakin kid in there!!!! And it didn't even explode or anything cool!

It landed. No kid to be seen.

aw thanks GW for thanking me :D

i blame it all on that whimsical UP movie.

shit would've never happened if that movie hadn't been made.

actually... i would have done the same thing!

Did you also get that the boy's name is Falcon? I shit you not.

He fell out. Its obvious. The thing is filled with helium. He probably either jumped when he couldn't breathe anymore or passed out and slipped out the door. Fox News is reporting that people saw him fall out and the kid's brother did too. Shame.

It's kinda like Flight of the Navigator.....maybe he was transported to the future and needs to find his way back.

there wasnt even a door.
it was just a distraction so he could go to a strip club or something

@ 11
Falcon was the other kid no? isnt his name Rollo or Ryo or something??


these parents should be killed.

@15 Well according to CNN, the 6 year old boy name is Falcon Heene.

-1 one annoying child, + 2 points (+5 if the body isn't found)

Kid was never in there, call him Hoaxy McHoaxington III.

Time for another Darwin award.


wow... this kid is famous for many reason......

Kid has a good name!

Probably a hoax to get attention to his balloon project. Bet he was never in there.

Wow you guys are assholes. The kid could be dead. Karma is a bitch.

@24 - If your logic is karma then that kid must have done something really shitty to fall out of a hot air balloon.

I really hope they find him! i hope he is okay! poor kid!

My karma ran over my dogma a long time ago!

It also means that something bad is going to happen to you heartless pricks.

@20 Nope. You need to be (of been)18 to receive a Darwin Award.
And 24 is right. You guys are assholes about this.
I love to joke about shit, but this is someone's child who is probably now dead.

I don't know why this is so funny, but it is.

If the kid is dead, it was real. If he's alive, hoax.

Let's wait and see!

It's all over 4chan.

fukk'd up.......... cool balloon dude, but the kid part is not

The kid was on ABC's wife swap

At least its not the "Bacon is AWESOME" kid.

I don't think we are being all that obnoxious. Kids do stupid shit; that is understandable. It is the whole leaving-kids-unattended-with-a-helium-filled-ballon-thing that annoys me. Especially since it obviously wasn't tied up correctly if a 6 year old could undo those knots. Some people are unfit for parenthood. I bet all that is going to happen to the parents is a CNN interview where they cry on camera, people feel sorry for them, and they get off scot free. Pisses me off.

They should of put a case of beer in the basket, and then tried to see if that drunk guy from the previous post could get into the balloon.

What a fagtard child.

are you kidding me?.


Okay, #36 was a bit douche like.


#36. Go to hell.

I hope the poor kid is alright...Kids do stupid things but he may have died because of this. What if your kid or sibling did this? Would all you guys be such assholes then?


you mad bob?


Damn right I am.


wow, thats f'ing horrible. not good at all.

Here's a question tho ... how come he and his sibling were not in school?

ohh I bet that left a mark

if they have that in their house, i'm sure they HAVE to have a secret trap door or mystery room. i know i would.

They didn't get enough attention with that TV show, so they just had top it with something else. Pretending to send a kid off in a balloon seems pretty inventive.

I doubt anyone watches Wifeswap or The Soup
But that family was on Wifeswap


GW, you should remove this item. Its probable this poor little fellas died as a result of this. Its not his fault his fathers a nutbag. The little guy climbed in a big shiny box like any other 6yo would do so you cant blame him. I really hope someones mistaken and he never got in the box in the first place and turns up ok but this is bound to be tragic. As a mark of respect for the little guy, take it off.

joel mchale is a funny man, funny man


best post ever!

this reminds me of a time when i watch law & order an hour ago, and a 7 year old shot a 6 year old and everyone was saying it wasn't his fault and he doesn't know better. when in fact he knew damn well that little girl would die and never come back to class.
in this case, there is no proof he was in the silver flying disc. i rest my case.

@50. I completely agree with you. This isn't something that should be joked about. Take it down GW.

Sounds like the basket wasn't breached, Sheriff thinks its more likely the kid got out, or wasnt even in the balloon at all, and is just hiding because he doesn't want to get in trouble.

i smell shenanigans!

Since when is posting a news story considered "joking" about it? So should CNN stop reporting it as well? Christ on a pony you pu**ies.

Next up: CNN brings in an expert on where a scared child may be hiding
jimmy neutron is not impressed

whether the kid is alive or not, why did they have to kill the balloon? that in itself is a tragedy


...I seriously hope that kid is fine, but.....the balloon....just why? that was one of the best inadvertent test flights I've seen in awhile



IRAN doesn't even fly shit that well..... just why??

I believe this falls under "awsome". Even if the kid had the bad luck of expiring, he's awsome for having flown in a helium balloon. And he'll be awsome if he was just hiding and got TV attention from it.

It floated right over our school, but no one noticed...

Maybe if the kids were "Pussified" they wouldn't be on the roof unsupervised, and flying away in a balloon!

i'm totally following this story on twitter...i've never used twitter before either...

I'm gonna go ahead and call it: he untied the balloon and didn't get in.

@67 Sounds pretty gay to me.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Boy found alive. Reports said he was spotted buying supplies at a grocery store. He was headed to Mexico!

MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!! Lmega5 joins twitter, turns gay!

Details after the break.................

He was in the attic the whole time. It was a hoax.

UPDATE: the boy has been found safe and sound. He was hiding in his attic for fear he did something wrong. He was never in the balloon.

another great hoax pulled off, attn fame: here come the Heenes

they found him in the attic of their home!!!!

Simple solution.
Surface to air missile.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Lmega5 still very gay, gets get with self while tweeting about it

Breaking news....my butthole is gay and i need you to twitter it....also my colon is hard and i need you to massage it....ohh yeah....gay me please..hehe

i honestly would've preferred him be IN the balloon...this is kind of a let down.


@Balloon Boy

FALCON KICK in the @$$!!


Found in cardboard box in garage attic- CNN, MSNBC, FOX, local news FAIL.

They found him. he was hiding in the attic

RT@MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!! Lmega5 joins twitter, turns gay!

Details after the break................

when this is over his parents will beat his a** and get arrested for it

they found him, he was hiding in a box at his house...

they found him masturbating to cosmo in the attic!

he hid in the attic...I am surprised the ghosts didnt get him.

that kid needs an ass beating.

Totally saw this coming.. Twelve Monkeys anyone?

oh how everyone loves a tradgedy, how disappointing for you all !! them kids would so have it!!

My friends and I were watching this on the news for ike half an hour. Turns out the balloon flew right over our town. Only in Colorado...

LATEST BREAKING NEWS: Lmega5 takes it in the pooper LIVE on twitter, tweeties everywhere twiddle their thumbs tardishly while turning gay at the same time.

Details after the break......................

THIS JUST IN: he was in a box in the attic

got bored of it, untied it, then left. perhaps he hid in the attic fearing that he may be in trouble for setting free a balloon he wished to not be grounded ,like he is now.

Glad he's ok.

bob and j, you both can suck it now and buy us all a beer.

case closed

@49 - I wouldn't feel anything, because I'm not a shitty enough parent to leave a freaking SHINY BALLOON OF DOOM fully inflated and loosely tied up to the corner of my mobile home/cardboard box/trailer/whatever Colorado hillbillies live in.

I hate it that news stations are referring to the douche canoe father as a "scientist". That kid deserves a beating, and that family should have to pay for the time and effort wasted looking for the little jackass.

I TOLD YOU! It was a flocking hoax all along! Kid is safe! He was "hiding" in the attic, or so his parents say. Dude did this to gain attention. Nothing more.


Peoples they found him in the attic in a box! Hooray for imagination!

Yo Balloon Boy, Imma let you finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout spot of all time

The kid ratted on his parents for the publicity stunt on Blitzer. "Falcon, why didn't you come out of the attic?" *kid looks confused for a moment* "You guys said it was for the show."


mad props, SnOoPs

one of the experts CNN had on the phone actually said they'd probably find him hiding under the bed or some shit

an expert? on what, determining the likelihood that children will get in a balloon and untie it? sounds like a fancy job...

@ 101
wonder whats gonna happen now that he ratted on them... lol
i love that "yeah..." the dad gives


Lmega5 breaks the world record for having more buttsecks in 1 day than Folsom Street has in 30 years AAANNNDDD tweets about it on twitter LIVE because twitter is almost gayer than Lmega5!!!

Details after the break..............

And they say prayer works.. I prayed he was dead, no such luck..

@107 http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q296/mochapiggy/no.jpg

@108 http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b55/Danthrax40/obama-wtf.jpg

the kid should have been tied to the tree not the balloon. the balloon was behaving, the kid wasn't.

Now they found him. We should put him in the f-ing balloon.

I want a real story.

Interesting part now is finding out if this was the boy's idea or his parents. If it was the boy's (grounding with a side of spank) and if it was the parent's idea. Give them the bill for deploying the National Guard.

Turns out it wasn't the kid being naughty, but rather the parents who pulled it off as a publicity stunt. oh ho ho yo ho!! check out the recent interview @ CNN, or some yackity news thing.

Good work Sno0pes.

i say shoot the parents and feed the kids to the dogs.

after all the bullshit something has to be done.

guess what? IT WAS A HOAX. family are a bunch of attention whores.

He wasn't hiding, he was reading the Never Ending Story.

Ok, so once again, the whiners want to pull a NEWS article because the comments offend them. Stop trying to censor people simply because you don't like it.

@109 heheh, I dunno - that pic was titled orly so I figued wtf....

I found this for Lmega5 since there's been some harassment flying over his head.... http://bugi.oulu.fi/~heikkiv/chan/parker.jpg

@112 I agree with you on all counts there, especially that all this was the parents doing.... but what sucks is that someone has to pay when the national guard is deployed. WTF, don't taxes cover something like that? I understand paying for an ambulance, ect - but the national guard!?

I was just thinking of copycatting this stunt, but with a giant GEEKOLOGIE BALLOON. I was going to tell the news that GW could possibly be inside hog tied w/ an open jar of peanut butter. ....but I don't want to pay for the national guard part

Someone on newgrounds made a game about this.



I told you it was a hoax, but nooo, I get chastised instead. Well who's laughing now beatchs!?! The police are filing charges against them!


So, the next time a little birdie tells ya something...


Must See!!!


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