Sep 23 2009Yikes!: Pee Wee's Playhouse Action Figures


Just looking at this $140 set of action figures makes me question what the hell my parents were thinking letting me watch such a wack-ass program as a child (I suspect they were thinking "booze time!"). I mean, it's pretty amazing I still turned out alright. Somebody, anybody, back me up here.

The 80's classic Pee-Wee's Playhouse is back with this line of action figures. The case of 14 pieces includes the following characters: 6x Pee Wee Herman, 3x Cowboy Curtis, 3x Miss Yvonne, 1x Pterri, and 1x Puppetland (Subject to change). These figures are highly detailed and must have for any Pee-Wee fan. Comes in retro-packaging to further the retro feel.
Wait, what? What the hell am I gonna do with 6 damn Pee Wee Herman dolls? 3 gay Cowboy Curtises, sure (I can't quit you!), but six Pee Wees? No thanks. Also, you notice Pee Wee's hand there on the left? Not a coincidence.

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Um... GAY!

LOL, that looks soooo lame!


seriously now we dont hafta modify a morphius figure to get a cowbiy curtis

...i can still see that beaver comp down that sign

Pee Wee's Playhouse was awesome and you know it! The campiness of that show was a lot better than corny lines from every other cartoon that was out at that time (ie G.I. Joe, He-Man, and the Thundercats).

These toys are just creepy...

The word of the day is PUBLIC MASTURBATION!

(Cowboy Curtis to PeeWee)
"Well, Pee Wee, you know what they say about guys with big boots?.....
Big feet"

Has anyone ever gone back and watched these shows now?
There is actually some funny innuendo in them.

Whenever we would pass an adult bookstore/movie theater, or stip club, my step-dad would tell us, "Hey look, there is Pee Wee's Playhouse!"

Man, I had the original Jambi-head toy as a kid! Kinda wish I still had it...I could use a daily wish.

Haha, I actually had a Pee-Wee, and the chair, action figure when I was little. Captain Carl? No Chairy?
Instead of receiving 9 multiples total of the same 3 characters, other fairly prevalent characters from the show could have also been produced.

@ GW i'll back you up any day, you turned out way cooler than alright.

But I sure am glad I didnt have cable tv when i was a kid (yeah real glad mom and dad THANK YOU... read F*ck you, stingy parents), because i didn't turn up alright and i didn't even watch this stuff...


BUT your parents were nice enough to give you those yummy lead paint chips to play with.


Public masturbation?

Ollie said the secret word! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Wait, wait, wait, wait...the lamp that works off of freakin' human blood didn't make the cut to get posted, but Pee Wee's Playhouse action figures DID??? Wow.

Only two things I liked Paul Reubens in were Cheech & Chong movies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (and that really only boiled down to one line he had after his arm got cut off). Of course, I was WAAYYY too high to really remember any of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, so that may have been good too...not sure.

@5 that's 2 words

i don't know everyones problem with PeeWee is. I learned all of lifes greatest thigns from him.....and where is Chairy!?

@ 13 ... so you say that was for playing with?... damn, i thought they were funky tasting corn flakes, i loved those suckas, could stop eating them.

I gotta 1 up this. I still have a talking Pee Wee Herman doll. It kinda sounds like staan took over the voice box but other than that it still works!

I meant Satan in that last post my computer is out to get me!

How about his minor (yet, VERY important roll) in Batman Returns (1992)?

And 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' is on tonight at 8:00

is anyone else really turned on my this set?

i am holding out for the Captain kangaroo Complete set

Did you know Captain Kangaroo used to get hanjobs & bjs from his wife under the table while he would do puppet show?


Good call on Batman Returns. Yes, I had completely spaced it off that he was little Ozzie Cobblepot's father. Think he's actually done a guest spot or two on 30 Rock as well, so I guess I'll stop the Pee Wee hatin'.

Guess I'll have to go see a guy about a thing, and turn on the tube at 8 to see what's up (or just TiVo it and jam out to some Counterstrike till it's done - unless the gf and kiddos want to drag me along to do some levelling on wow).


I'm not going to lie, I had a Pee Wee lunch box, thermos and all, and watched it religiously, I think if I were to spawn a kid or 2 I might even buy the DVD's if they are available because it is just such a crack headed show, no education, just silly and strange, the way tv should be!

New - PeeWee Herman doll with Kung Foo Grip

@22 Thats one great wife ... when i want a hand job under my desk i have to do it myself ... as for the bjs lets just say my labradoodle loves her peanut butter

whatever...I had these toys way back in the day...except I also had konky, magic screen, randy, the king of cartoons, that guy that wore soccer shorts, chairy, and not to mention the entire pee-wee's playhouse playset....I even made my own giant foil ball.

can anyone say bonfire?

Nice post

Paul Reubens was a great comedian. I remember how awesome his show PeeWee's Playhouse was but that in the end is what did him in. If you watch any of his early adult comedy routines you would know that a lot of it was based on sex. He made the mistake by letting producers take his "PeeWee" character and make it an actual kids show. When anything "adult" about him came out in his personal life he was raised over hot coals. But in the end I know of him because of his kids guess I can't really complain.

Creamy or chunky peanut butter?

@33 Chunky of course ... "its ribbed for my pleasure"

i play with my toy pee wee all the time......and it doesnt cost me $140.00

I HAVE COWBOY CURTIS. he rides my little ponies w/ chewbacca. WEEEEE

i heart pee wee's playhouse! i want these , minus the fact that the Miss Yvonne one is ultimately terrifying.

its a chair that freakin talk. Oh look! and some fish that give advice Holy Crap!!!!

Here are some other Pee-wee's Playhouse toys...even that creepy door to door Salesman.

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