Sep 19 2009Why Not?: Ordering Pizza From Your PS3


Let's be honest with ourselves: we all love pizza. I'm particularly fond of the white variety BUT NOT BECAUSE I'M RACIST (I have a Hispanic friend). I just like the way it tastes in my mouth. Like ice cream, but hot. Anyway, now you can order Papa John's pizzas from you PS3. And you don't even have to go to the internet browser! Because, seriously, that would be way too much thumb exercise. Isn't that right, my opposable little lovers? Now, do that thing that I like so much. Wait! Let me sit on you till you're numb first.

papa john's and playstation 3, because no one wants to get off the couch to order pizza [technabob]

Thanks to chris, who once reheated day-old pizza in his XBox.

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Reader Comments

So what you're saying is, you're racist but that's not the reason you enjoy white pizza?

arrh, ye should writes all ye articles in pirate form today, arrh,

well if you can have a pirate day I gonna have me a yoda day- and backwards talk the entire day will I.

I see the fourth is with me today.

YARRR swashbuckleing scoundrels jew you out of you gold there be no such thing as free these days

In can travel trough time and space with my ps3!

Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

looks fake, the text is ALL OFF, now go cry yourself to sleep GW, you failed us

There's an iPhone app that lets you order Chipotle.

It launches the web browser in the ps3 and you go to the website. Its the exact same thing as ordering on your computer... But this way they get put on all the news blogs and sales goes up.... yay?

yarrrr! this will be good for me' piratey convenience

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4 large eggs
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don't forget garnishes such as:
fish shaped crackers
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fish shaped solid waste
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pull n' peel licorice
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2 Tbsp rhubarb juice
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"Numero Uno" is the best pizza!!!!

Shox shoes

Papa Johns really only tastes good if your drunk or stoned....not that I would know.


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