Sep 12 2009Scratch Meeeeee!: Super Mario Fingernails


This is somebody's false fingernails that photobucket user nailchick27 painted with a Super Mario Bros. 3 theme. As you can see, they're good looking. I can't say for certain I'd date a girl with nails like that (because I wouldn't), but I would let her give me a back scratch. Harder. Go on, harder. HARDER. DO IT TILL YOU SEE RIBS! Now smoke a rack, I'm getting hungry.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the whole set.


Nailchick27's Photobucket

Thanks to Ann, whose fingernails shoot laser beams. True story.

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Reader Comments

now i know why they have hand models... nasty nasty fingers


is she 70?

uhmmm.... those fingers look old o_O

cute...but wht is up with thossee handda!!!!

1. those are super cute.
2. nasty looking hands.
3. even though they're cute i would never wear them.
4. maybe if it was halloween.
5. or i was at a convention.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was set to release a new mini microwave and found out the name bite nuker was offensive in some european countries. However some stupid page saved the day by suggesting the name fun cooker, and then right before they were going to sell the ovens under that name a crazy blackman started calling his ass the fun cooker on a television show.

I love Mario as much as the next person,

But those are the tackiest things I've ever seen.

What's up with going outside of the nail bed?

Is she holding a thick long....shaft? i dont remember she had those nails at the time///

I have ones with Link on them, life size, and in paper too.

Just because I'm male, doesn't change the fact that in my quest to über conceded and better than everyone at everything.

What is that thing with black cloth around it that she is grabbing?

Okay, a question for the ladies.

I'm assuming from time to time, you get an itchy butthole. I think it happens to all of us. How would you go about doing it with nails like that?

@12 as a man with normal finger nails i can't say for sure but I'd assume very carefully or with some kind of woman product that has a french name

@12. Ewww. Do you sniff your fingers?

Daisy's talkin 'bout an ep of 30 Rock btw. I thought she only did movies?

i like that u update weekends

@12 - I'm guessing it ain't pretty.

The person that painted those, must have infinite patience...

those r so kool but kinda messed up fingers wearing them : /

i just think its cool they were able to paint that small and detailed, could care less that they're fingernails or that the hands are ugly

Number 12 you sick, you have turd under your finger nails.

And yes, it is a shaft

That's pretty bad ass that they have little 3D pieces too. I think I'd be too afraid to wear those as nails since I break mine off constantly... but hey if you're gonna go for something go all the way dammit!

I was going to make a comment about her fingures, but seeing as how everybody else did. Im not gonna. So instead here is my comment that isnt speaking about the fingures at all..... 90 year old prostitute right there. ahyup.

Must See!!!

LOL @ 7! Here comes the funcooker!

Good christ those fingers

I just found a picture of the woman modeling these nails MOMENTS BEFORE SHE GOT THEM DONE,0.jpg

I am not impressed

Damn, I was waay off & I must fess up. I was wrong & I readily admit it

She's not nearly as old as those fingers look - this pic is in her photobucket & there's a few others where you can see her nails¤t=1stdaymekaden.jpg

Sorry lady, that picture above doesn't do those fingers any justice

Coool... I'd wear 'em... then be embarassed after 5 minutes and take 'em off...

dare i say it ???

I think I'm getting bored of geekologie !!!

this is how she steals children's souls

Released in 1988 you were one years old. I too want to at times paint my nails with imagery from my first year on earth.

@30 Mario is timeless, I know kids who love the game.

Why couldn't this of been Sonic instead of Mario? I mean, Mario is cool, but he has NOTHING on Sonic. I would date a girl with Sonic nails. lol

If it were retro not timeless we couldn't pretend we were there. I too know kids who love mario - because it's retro.

Try this. Look at your hands up close, around the nails. They probably look OK, pretty smooth. Now wash some dishes or do something that gets your hands dirty so you really gotta scrub em clean. Now look at your hands. You'll see those old-lady-skin wrinkles around the nails. It lasts for an hour or so.

The hands in the picture tell me this chick doesn't have a maid. She has to work.

Still, she should lotion before taking pictures.


How long did it take to paint those nails, although its a little sad its also pretty impressive work.


And this chick's married (or at least engaged)? What a lucky guy to have her...She's into Zelda, wraps his wing-ding in black velvet, and gets a sr. citizen discount.....

that's no planet



what is she holding?

and with nails like those, and a itchy butthole, you're done for.

if she touches herself with the finger with mario in the frogsuit....isn't that kindof like a furry?

@ 7

Someone kill that b*tch, please!

Interesting. If the old GF wore these I might not have kicked her to the curb so soon.

#8 Agreed.

Kinda ironic that she can't actually play SM3 with those talons. Anyways...

12 - I think that the occurances of having an itchy butthole are inversley proportionate to how often you shower. So... shower more, scratch ass less.

Trim your gooch hair - it stops nutty bits getting lodged in and itchying up your stinker

Shox r4 shoes


gir l yopuur naikls are so dope

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