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R2-D2, Gaming Droid Has Eight Consoles Packed Inside His Tummy, Head Projector


Popular Science reader Brian De Vitis (truth in Brian) went and stuffed eight different gaming consoles into a life-size model of R2-D2. Can you name all of them? Because I can. I'm just not going to because I don't feel like it. SO THERE. I love wire tangles!

Hit the jump for a shot of R2's insides. Also, first one to name all eight systems doesn't win a prize. These are not the consoles you're looking for!


R2D2 turned into retro gaming shrine, includes head-mounted projector [engadget]

Thanks to Obama Pacman, Rail, + Guy, Chookie and Ryan, who once crammed 12 consoles into C-3PO and then stuffed him in a garbage compactor. God, was that guy annoying.

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  • Rose_Otoribashi

    NES, SNES, N64, PS2, XBox, Dreamcast, Genesis, and I think the last one is the Atari, but I can't tell because the controllers are really small in the picture...

  • Rob

    C-3PO isn't annoying. You are thinking of Jar-Jar Binks .

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