Sep 1 2009Possessed: The Boy Who Cries Wolf Blood

15-year old Calvino Inman is just like any other 15 year old boy. Except he's possessed by the devil and cries tears of blood. BURN HIM WITH FIRE! Now I'm not saying this a hoax, but I am saying I caught Calvino siphoning red food coloring up his ass (strictly by accident, I swear). DUM DUM DUM! Book 'em, Danno.


Thanks to leftRIGHTleft, who has to remind herself how to walk or she gets all tripped up.

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Thats freaky

Probably some simple explination.

He's like those kids from I am Legend, clearly a zombie.

On a side note, amazing how there's a lack of first posts once school has started.

Do not mean to imply the photos are fake but well here is Daisy with the photoshop update ? :D

He's a vampire.

I don't believe it & could easily fake the same thing.

At first I thought it was real & he probably has some broken blood vessels in his eyeball causing leakage & eventually tearing up - but since they don't actually show this while reporting it I'm not buying it.

Think about it, with something as 'amazing' as a kid that cries blood THREE TIMES a day like this that's making national news, don't you think it'd be worth showing his eyes tear up & actually run down his face instead of footage with what looks like red foodcolored eyedrops AND JUST PICTURES of it running down his face?


Daisy I miss you as much as GFS my little flower

Classic symptom. Along with hairy palms.



This is a complete photoshop job. YOu can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck DOwn where Max talked BAja into giviing him her panties, and then made the other boys pay to see them.

hahaha! better start looking for a coffin of your choice! make that Sh*t cast iron too! nobody will want this kid being able to bust out of it when he comes back from the dead as a zombie!

I miss you too Daisy. Its like that scene in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" where Max say's "good morning honey" to a picture of his ex, and get's all bloody choked up.

I cry's delicious

OMG, I fail! Should have refreshed before I posted. Did you know what I was typing when you posted, you psychic Daisy flower?

That's rad.

Daisy ♥

There was a commercial for a National Geographic Special about this Indian girl who apparently cries blood called 'The Girl Who Cried Blood'. I don't know if it aired already or not, but I want to see it.
Everyone thinks shes the devil... or Jesus incarnate too. This is pretty much the same thing.

prob some gh3y ass viral thing for a new twilight movie or some crap! Tilight the ghetto version.... or he figured out some way for this to happen so he get with all the fatty pasty white gothic chicks in his school, cuz we all know them fatty goth b3etchez love a guy that cries bood n' sh33t

Duh!!!!... he's a vampire like those in True Blood!!!!!! when he cries it's blood... it's simple!!!

I don't know if it's Fake here's a link of a girl in India that has the same condition.

Cries tears of blood = emo

Seriously, isn't that stupid trite line an absolute requirement for every piss-poor whiny bad emo poem.

I noticed they didn't show his meth lab either.

@ 20 rofl, wow that chick from your link looks as high as my ego.

@ 3 it's that or they just read the other posts and caught on... ouch, not cool, they are calling me a firstard and its not good...

@ MY FIREWALL you suck...

It's called haemolacria, and is a symptom of possible disease (or demons). Could be indicative of a tumor (or demon) in the lacrimal apparatus (where your tears come from you wussy). Could also be bacterial conjunctivitis (or demons). Either way, kid should see an eye doctor.

Yeah ive been noticing that too.
All the 'first-post-kiddies' have to get a some learning.


What about the evil dude in Casino Royal???


Exactly what I was thinking, I can't believe nobody else made the connection. Real life Le Chiffre!! RuN!!!!

Anybody check to see if this kid has hepatitis? It can cause nosebleeds and noses and eyes are connected.

I smell James Bond villain

Blood comesout of my ass at least nine times a day... but you don't see my going on about it.

What a P.ussy, He cries 3 times a day.
@29: Love the idea!

He's OBVIOUSLY a vampire from True Blood.

Embrace it kid...

It could be worse. You could....*shudder*...sparkle.

Developmental defect in which sudiferous ducts become functionally compromised by small capillary routes. I didn't watch thru, but if he blows his nose it should also be blood given that this usually only effects secretion pathways and not drainage via the lacrimal duct (i.e. tears going into the bloodstream as inversely porportionate to blood coming into thru tear ducts). Sometimes seen as well on patients with severe facial injuries. Oh wait, nevermind, it's a sign!!!!1


I know what it is, have you seen that gay hbo series True Blood, Well hes either the gay vampire Laphaette or Just Emo, that writes suicude notes!

In all seriousness it is probably a sinus problem. If he has weak blood vessels there they can burst and then the blood can't escape and is coming out his eyes. When my sinuses back up I snot out my eye (gross but I'm kinda proud of it) it's probably a similar problem.

Did she say they did an MRI and CAT scan with and without an IV? does it really make a difference whether they are performed with or without an IV? and isn't an IV the fluid they hang by your stretcher that is connected to your veins (hence Intra-venous)? I'm no doctor, but it sounds made up.
Besides, tears don't flow right through the middle of your eyes, they flow through the sides. It almost looks as if he made small cuts on the lower eyelid all the way through the other side, so blood gets on his eye and flows down.
But I think I can help. She said she'll go anywhere to help her baby. Lady: I heard there is a miracle worker inside every live volcano, I suggest you both go seek help there. Oh you don't believe me? And here I believed your son's unusual condition. Well, I guess you think you are pretty smart and everyone else is stupid.
Anyone can cry blood, you don't believe me? Look at my eyes very carefully, look closely.. WHAAAM! See? I told you anyone can cry blood, *SNAP*, I'll save this picture in case you forget it.

wait so could the kid transmit aids by wiping his eyes and then using the ketchup bottle?

wooooooohoooooooo Daisy is back! :-)

Must See!!!

I don't know what my tears are made of because I have never cried.......I'm Chuck Norris like that.

The IV she is talking about is contrast they use while giving a MRI or CAT scan that helps things stand out more when you view the results. Most of the time they will give a MRI or CAT scan without contrast first and if they can't find anything without using the contrast, they will do another MRI or CAT scan with contrast. The contrast is administered through an IV. That is why she said with and without an IV. Sorry, I work in that field! YOU JUST GOT SCHOOLED B*I*T*C*H!!!!
Back on topic, I know why that kid really cries blood! That hanuted broom flies over to his house and sweeps his eye balls 3 times a day! Case closed.

Its Haemolacria, I had a patient with similar symptoms when I was doing my residency. It can be caused by a variety of different afflictions, if I remember correctly, the guy who came to us ended up having a brain tumor, which was removed successfully and stopped the bleeding.

this is proof that it can be normal.... DUDE HAS TOO MANY HORMONES

i think that it is a demon!! but imagine yourself in his shoes!! This is serious and your slagin him off n makin fun of the poor boy i think your pathetic and sick!! I hope God delivers him and he doesnt have to go through that all his life!!

take him to Dr. House please!!!

he's cuteeeee!!

your attitudues really tick me off. I actually know him and you have no right to call him posessed you are all a bunch of hipocrits

This kind of bleeding has been described many times in the medical literature and is invariably associated with psychological rather than physical organic disease. It is in effect a variant of the stigmata common in Catholic countries. Blood testing never reveals an underlying bleeding disorder in these cases. The appropriate response medically speaking is to refer to psychiatrist and/or family therapist.

Okayy this is calvino's friend.
He's not a fake or a demon or a zombie.
Stop watching the fuckin movies u stupid motherfuckers!!
And all youu haters can go fuckkkkk yourself.
And if youu havee a problem withh it then message me @

ok... im not beggin for anyones sympathy.. i kno its real and so do the doctors.. to all the people who belive me and think its real i wanna thank you.. but to everybody else.. i gues you have your own opinion.. im not tryin to be a brat it just rly pisses me off when people say im fakin.. dude screw you.. if you dont believe it then oh well.. i dont need your sympathy.. but thanks anyway.......

well i personal know thisz little boii & alot of u ppl arent missin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
calvino is honestly bisexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he sucked my dick!!!!!!!!!!!!
but he wasnt good so guys dont let him get on his knees...
& he is woman beater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he harrasses young children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is scared to come out as bi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fck buddy half of rockwood is gay, bi, lesbian..
so jus come out bout it..
& if he is so worried bout finding a cure for his disease he wouldnt be doin his dope every day, i knw i sure wouldnt..

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