Sep 3 2009Ouch: Helping Hands Condom Applicator

This is a commercial for the Helping Hands condom applicator. And, after seeing it, I'd trust a fire-breathing dragon with a toothache to be gentler. And I'm not just saying that because I'm trying to get some, but, well, dragons and dinosaurs ARE related.

Helping Hands Condom Applicator Makes Me Shrivel Up in Fear [gizmodo]

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I kept refreshing waiting for a First comment and it never came ; . ;


You are not wanted here. Please go comment at cute overload or something. Pretty pic-shures!

I thought her hands were enough.

disturb me

looks like it came right out of jigsaws cupboard


I think I'd rather chance 'slipping one past the goalie' than use this condom applicator.

Finally, a device to accommodate both of my peni...peniseses...meat tubes.

Thats why I don't wear condoms

Steampunk sex toy, on a steeek.

Igunas have 2 penises, and so do sharks.

Blocked at work.

This is the opposite of funny.

That's why I just blow it in her butt or face! Which ever..cums..first!


MMMMmmmmm.... Cucumbers..... Om nom nom nom

No more yanky my wanky...

I found this fairly humourous, but not so much that I laughed out loud.

That being said, I'm not even a man and I found that painful to watch, so I sympathize with my penised counterparts. :(

Omgosh cute pictures?! with glittezs?!11?!

This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't make them so damn small to begin with!!

Blocked at work.... it sounds scary though... thats why i had the vasectomy, no more fear GoSS Jerk Sterile is here!... i guess i'll just fie of aids or some new crap like that (if i can ever get laid that is)


lol, saw this earlier on college humor, yeah i'd rather go asbstince than have that thing put a condom on me haha, but hey guys you don't feel pain when your hard, -shifty eyes-

@19 "penised counterparts"?
I like you a little more right now

I'd rather not stick my penis in unfunny jokes by unfunny websites. So obvious and uncreative, where's the wit? Do college students not demand more than this? This site is for the college kids that made jersey's for their beer pong team.

Leave the gothic chick alone, i love goths. :D
(HATE Emo kids!)

And as for the video, where can i get one? i could use a helping hand.

I thought you were being a firstard but you were just waiting for one. I humbly bow my head and await Your Gothic Wrath.
(leather with spikes please)



Reminds me of a Cinco product from Tim and Eric.

OMFG you're moderating your pages now?
If someone wants to bItch about language, tell them not to come to the website.
Don't sell out and moderate this place just b/c a couple people cried like half ass babies.


I see a cool site going down hill quickly...

That being said, this video was f*cking retarded (see what I did there? I bet people can figure out what word that is...)
I want a refund on the time I spent watching that.

i lawled so friggin hard.. zomg, and the pencil sharpener was just teh icing on the cake. jeez.

oh, and 26, your just a flaming homosexual- your simply mad cus you were born without a penis to use this thing

wtf did 33 say?

@ 19


That being said I'm pretty sure this devise was made by a mad ex-girlfriend of mine. Last thing she said was if she couldn't have it NO ONE could. So I'm hiding in the internet right now.

Must See!!!

stop trying so hard

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!

um...this video player doesnt work for me....I tried the site thaty college humor told me to fix it with but the link is broken...any one else?

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