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Limited Edition Timepieces From Tokyoflash


This is a line of limited edition Casio watches available from Tokyoflash. Now I know what you're thinking, "Gosh, it's been forever -- I didn't think we'd eeeever see any more Tokyoflashes here on Geekologie." Well think again, suckers! Like a Phoenix, Tokyoflash is a fiery dragon created by Gaia to rise from a Japanese ashtray and aid Godzilla in ridding the world of our robotic overlords. And these designs, nowhere near as tricky to read as Tokyoflash's typical offerings, are perfect for those of you with special needs. I ordered the Cubic Puzzle model for myself. What? There's no shame in my special needs game! Now, help me tie this shoe, it's being tricky.

Product Page (one other limited edition model from Riki HERE)

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