Sep 1 2009It's No Wrist Rest: The Computer Key Seat


Don't smile at me like that! I can tell these $125 computer key seats have been around for a while because of the '© 2004' text in the image. What can I say, I'm observant. Hey -- I saw that! Anyway, this was the first time I'd seen these chairs so they're new to me. If they're not new to you, congratulations, you've been around the block (internet whore).

This unique stool is a great low-tech item for any computer geek. Insert this eye-catching seat in the dorm, game room or even an internet café . The contoured shape holds your backspace just like your finger rests in a key. Measures 22 inches square and 15 inches high and has 'sit' printed on the top. We also offer to customize these stools with your own message or logo.

Yes, but I want mine to be a delete key. Get it? Because I want to delete my fat ass! I heard you want an insert. HIYO!

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Thanks to Kristin, who wants an escape.

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Obama's albino cousin bought 2 of them

but 125 bucks will almost buy you the jager-cooler. tough choice.

he's even sitting on the light colored one

My God that kid is a nerd...

Take a $6 storage case from Home Depot, turn it upside down, slap a sticker on it and... BAM! worth $125.

This is like that end table I have that I made out of an old sheet and a plastic storage case. I will sell it to you for the unbelievable price of $79.99

There is so much going on in that picture...

The space bar would be a better idea for your fat@ss GDub!


It might be my monitor, but it looks like he might be rocking a pink shirt as well. He's a hip/slick nerd. With a lisp thertaintly.

that kid is even creepier than the eye blood kid

This is a scam. I know that guy, he's only 2 inches tall.

@9...confirm! Its a pink shirt!

I am pretty sure that is the same outfit my old neighbor had on when I left this morning and the same smile as after he takes his Alzheimer’s meds

@ 8 it's sounds someone is jelaous coz he cant reach the seat, but if 11 is right you can still buy one.

and i see it as a pink shirt also

If it didn't tell them, I doubt people would know what to do with those things...

On a completely different note, are we sure Goliath didn't just get pissed again, while playing WoW, and smashed his keyboard?


Seriously, "Sit" was the best they could come up with? At the very least, they could have done "Esc."

awesome! too expensive though.

Think they might've had me if they'd used "End", "Backspace", or the "Pause/Break" keys.

check out the sellers site all the photos look like they're rendered in 8 colors.
also is it 1992? this looks like some crap you'd see in clarrisa explains it all's room.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's were all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where MAx fell in love with a French foreign exchange student who helped him rebuild his car.

Must See!!!

@ 22

Because then someone would accuse him of holding the black one down. And the white one smells of strawberries.

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