Sep 22 2009Idiot Moron Uses 600K Text Messages/Month


Some idiot moron, in an effort to become the world's biggest failure at life, used 662,258 text messages on his iPhone in a month. Plus the jerkbag got the 12,301 page itemized bill sent to him, so he doesn't even care about trees. I did the math, and it comes out to sending a text message just about every 4 seconds, all day every day. So I assume there was some sort of automated program involved. Also, a monster douche.

Hit the jump for two videos of the idiot looking at his bill.

With 662,258 text messages, new douche world record pending [microdouche]

Thanks to Brian, who only sends telegrams because he's oldschool.

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I steal comments from here and tweak them into Facebook statuses

156th beeatches

idiot moran indeed

@1 which puts you far above being firstarded

600K text messages, what a waste of time. Imagine sitting around all day typing useless shit like that. I bet that person lingers on internet blogs

not very green

I wonder how a douche bag of that size could have THAT many people to text.

I guess unlimited texts really means unlimited...

Is this Kanye's Iphone??

dude... seriously, I'm happy for you, and I'm gunna let you finish texting, but Beyonce had one of the best texts Ever!

enjoy the arthritis d-bag...


Thats kinda what I was thinking.
I feel sorry for the DB's friend(s) who had to receive those 662,258 texts!

"I'm taking you off fo my buddy list Bitch!
I hope you get a virus..... you and your computer!!!!"

WOW L33T H4X! I want to make out with this idiot moron and put his iphone in my buttocks.

11th ?

looks like i also fail at life :P

wow stupid moron

is a quote from the movie "How High" and is what [i imagine] the DB's friend said to him for sending him over 600,000 text messages

This is stupid... it's not physically possible to manually send that many texts, so he obviously had some computer program sending them. So what's the fuss? He's an idiot who can setup a repeating text function. Yay rah. taking the time to set up some software to auto-text for some kind of record may be forgiveable, albeit odd - but who am I to throw stones. The major douche factor really comes into play on the requesting of a printed itemized statement. WTF??? Over 12 thousand pages!!!??? If his carrier can't charge him for the texting due to the type of plan he's subscribed to...fine, but seems like they sure as hell could roll the fees for all that paper, ink, postage, and time spent putting this together for his punk ass into his next bill. Not to mention coming right out to the guy and letting him know that this type of dumb shit stops HERE. From now on, he can get any future statements texted to his phone - then he can take pics of his thumb blisters from scrolling through all that useless crap. What a tool.

Biggest. Douchebag. Ever.

...and I hope nobody else finds the program he used, otherwise we're gonna have loads more douchebags on our hands :|

we need a
license to drive.
license to get married.
license to get gun
license to build things, plumb etc..
license to experiment on dead things
license to watch kids and teach.
license to sell food legally / booze

dont have to have a license
join military and kill people / defend country aka kill people/robots which im all for.
make kids
buy gasoline
buy a car
buy fertalizer
buy a gps
buy a cell phone

kinda creepy huh

someone get this kid a license to text and then take that shi t away from him, shove an arbor day tree up that kids a$$

I am so glad this guy doesn't know me. He's constantly talking even though he doesn't really have anything to say. I'm guessing that the majority of those messages were "lol" or "#".

i wonder why my iphone drops calls all the time ... the world may never know

Exactly, summed it up nicely;

"While there is an excellent chance the Rambler loves to hear the sound of their own voice, it is equally likely that they just cannot get to the facking point. Their lives consist of muttering endlessly to anyone who will listen, punctuated only by pointless conversations with themselves in the mirror. Miraculously, despite all the practice they've had talking, they cannot tell a simple story with any proficiency much less leave a concise voicemail."

I actually wish violence upon this idiot.


I wonder how many texts he received?

Now, why can't douchebags like this have their iphone explode and get battery acid all over their face?

everybody with unlimited texting should do this to stick it to AT&T. That would be awesome, killing the rain forests in Brazil in the process.

he should be billed for printing charges for 12000+ pages? the way I figure it, printing the bill costs more than his phone service.

iphone batteries don't contain acid, idiot.

What's with the dim-ass lighting?

AT&T charges for itemized billing ( its an "extra feature") but i doubt the 2.99 he payed for that was anywhere near worth the materials/time it took to get that letter into an envelope

I'd be so pissed if I was in this person's phonebook. I would break his phone.

what was the point of that..

first of his self praising video shoulda been a minute long at most.. then he just started repeating himself.

and my second question is... why

Why did they bubble wrap the bill? This whole story is one WTF followed by another WTF... then about 10 more WTF's.

So how was he able to send 50 MMS messages on an iphone before AT&T rolls out the update to allow iphones to send MMS? I call a fake!

the stupidity of mankind never seizes to awe me


haha 89.99$ a month for a cell phone? what a loser.

Did anyone else notice that it was a "shared" bill? My guess is that if he didn't use a program, that he had a bunch of people in on it sharing a single phone bill.

Idiot moron indeed. What a waste of life, space, air, resources, etc. that guy is. I hope he gets raped to death by a pack of feral dogs.
Tonight... YOU!


alot of free paper

I always found it odd when people request paper bills. Most people that I know who are under the age of 60 use a debit or credit card and pay bills online. But then Canadians are awesome soo...

seriously i worry about the world where ppl really give that much of a sh@ about trees, has this bs propaganda really gone to everyone's head enough that some one dose that and all were worried about is the paper!?!? who gives a f*ck trees grow back tress fall.. its entertaining is it not? you gonna yell at the newspaper next? they send out WAAAAY more paper, and honestly if you did it wouldn't you get it printed out? i mean thats what like 1 log worth of tree?

Don't most companies have some kind of fair use policy where if they feel you're exploiting the terms they cut you off. If he used that himself and wasn't just using it to be "derr, look at how many i sent" the company would have to have something in their system flagging him as a telemarketer scam or a spammer or something and temporarily freeze his contract.

Or are companies in America really afraid of lawsuits that they wont just pull the plug?

The Douche probably doesn't have any friends... He probably sent those 600,000 texts to himself to make him feel popular is this possible...cus to write 600k txt messages, the person would have to (using quik'n dirty math) send/receive a text message about every 4 seconds on average, 24 hours of the day for 30 days straight.


I so need to do this, just for the pissing off the hippies who are too stupid to realize that the paper comes from trees that are grown specifically to be used for paper.

He indeed is a loser. can't you get arthritis by continuous txting?

WHAt ... A ... DOUCHE

actually given that he was on an iphone its quite possible for him not to use a automated program, he could simply add 100 random number into the recipitent box and only have to tap the phone after the 100 messages have sent

theres an app for that !!

The guy is a douche bag. Now I don't care how long his phone bill is, but he reminds me of a guy I knew that would not stop waving at cars during a road trip just to say how many people waved back. It's pointless, stupid and makes you look like an idiot and unfortunately anyone that seen with you as well.

Must See!!!

now wounder the 3g network is so slow

shared bill = corporate client

text douche = not special

i like muffins.

I know that mofo, hes a nerdy kid at my school

I do find it funny how he continues to show the phone and tell us the name every time.

Still, waste of time and effort.

Come on people, this is texting we're on about, he didn't have to send the texts individually. If you send the same text to 30 people, that's one text that counts as 30. You don't need any of this software etc. you just have to have a lot of group texts.

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