Sep 18 2009Good Lookin': Mario-Insired Eveningwear


This is a line of Mario-inspired sparkling eveningwear by designer and crafster user montyfull. Nice, but where were these designs when I went to prom 10 years ago? I make sparkles look good!

So I'm a fashion major. Graduated in 2007, and just NOW got around to uploading pics of my stuff! I'm an avid gamer for life. Shooters, RPGs, PC, nintendo, Xbox... I'll play anything if I can afford it. Smiley I also don't like to take myself too seriously, so I decided that my senior collection was going to be mario eveningwear. Ya know, lots of sequins, duchess satin, chiffon, coupled with the crazy icons we know and love.

I, for one, am not ashamed to admit I'd rock the hell out of any of these designs. Plus, I'd even tape my penis to my leg. BECAUSE I'M A LADY.

Hit the jump for a close-up of the Mario face one complete with NES controller garter belt.


Sparkly Mario Eveningwear! [craftster]

Thanks to Jenny, The Bloggess, who could make a Wario-inspired dress look good. She's fine, yo!

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Reader Comments

wowow, who would want to wear that?

Nice. Now let's see some racy Mario lingerie so I can convince my (imaginary) girlfriend to roleplay as Princess Peach for me. I'd plumb that all night.


you gotta be SOME crazy witch to wear that 'ish'.

they should probably make it in plus size if they want to make money.

Quite a few articles today...nothing worth reading but still quite a few....

inspired... GW?

I'm here to fix the plumbing...


Had to come back with 2 things:

1. The Bloggess is funny as hell. My girl hipped me to her blog, and now i'm hooked.

2. That NES controller garter is TEH HAWTNES!!!!!!!!!

I love Mario and all, but this "fashion" designer makes some ugly stuff.

More binge drinking, eh, GW?


oops gw made a grammar mistake

Very, very classy.

Hawt. I would rock the hell out of the little white toad dress.

Not good looking

Ha ha ha! It's like formal cosplay. I'd have worn the 1-up dress to prom if there was more green in it.


insired is how you say inspired with an Asian accent! Stoopid round eye!

hottest thing alive with the cassoulet


Twenty... and FIRST!!!!!!!!!

You can tape your penis to me any time, GW.

I kinda like Insired...

a prefix of Latin origin meaning primarily “in,” but used also as a verb-formative with the same force as in- 1 (incarcerate; incantation).


–verb (used with object)
4. to beget; procreate as the father.

Mario definitely Insired the hella dat eveningwear! Ya Hurd?

WTF does Insired mean?
Did someone have sex with cloth and then claim they insired ugly evening wear?

I dunno

I would totally wear those... I want a set of Zelda themed evening wear..that would be better.

I'd rock the coin dress!

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