Aug 5 2009This Page Is Stupid And Cannot Be Displayed


This could be older than dino bones (but NOWHERE NEAR as sexy) for all I know, I just thought it was humorous because I pretty much see this message all the time and it makes me want to put my fist through the computer screen. Which I don't hesitate to do. Seriously, I'm already on like my fourth laptop. Of the day.

This page is stupid and cannot be displayed []

Thanks to Nik, who once punched through his monitor and broke one of the internet's tubes.

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Was it as funny for you as it wasn't for me?


efff yea it was, you have no idea!

I dont have the patience to read all that; so i just laughed.

I'm agreeing with naas....

"Cool story bro"

I take that back, I can't even read the post - the article won't load WTF!?



.......oh.... ha! ha! hahahah!............

I got this stupid message for about 15min yesterday on THIS SITE.


Same here, Thumper. I was about to sucker-punch my computer; but then I decided against it since my computer was growling at me.

This was funnier the first time I saw it.... in 1997.

Geekologie was down yesterday? Whew, good thing I missed that. I would have _really_ lost it.


moderately humorous. But i accept.

Oh I should add part of that in white text to my company's 404 page.....


I laughed so hard I shot milk out my nose and cried and pissed my pants and punched a baby and did some coke and sucked some dudes dick and stapled my eyelids shut...

Should be using firefox, seriously. Screw that Internet Explorer garbage!

hey GW, wheres the post about the "end of the internet"

Thankfully I don't see this anymore. BECAUSE I'M ON A MAC WOOOO!


I've missed you. I'm trying to order a ticket online to come out and see you, but the damn page won't load.

Granted that wasn't all that funny. I was trying to make my comment post-relevant rather than just tell you I want you to jump my bones.

@18, spread the good news brother!

STOMPY the only thing that worries me with that rant is why you wind up sucking some cock after doing coke my friend. I get everything else & have no problem with it, especially stapling the eyelids down - but the junkmouthin another dude part........ man


He sucked some dude's dick because he's a boss.

Yess!!!! Exactly... Lets get that link up in here!!!

Ha that was great, indeed STOMPY it makes sense now

#18 Instead you see this:


I run Firefox on my Mac. So I guess I would see this if it ever would crash. (It hasn't. No matter how hard I try.)

@22 Gordon Cumway - If he were really a boss he would have shat on Debra's desk.

@27 Cumoron - If you really wanted me to think you're funny, you could've started by spelling my name correctly. How hard is it to copy and paste?

And f*cked a giant fish in the sewer...then turn into a jet and bomb the Russians.

That's what da boss would do.


Gordon, please accept my most sincere apologies for the unintentional misspelling of your name. Am I funny now?!

- Cumoron (I like that, it's like "cüm" and "moron" all at once, props to you)

like a boss is probably the best thing that will happen to me today.

@30 it's also close to how an aussie says 'C'mon' before the 'mate' part.

I would shit on Debra's desk, big time

Being boss has its good points, but if you have a TON of douchebags working for you it sucks......I'm gonna have to hire a new CSR named Debra, just to shit on her desk.........I'll later blame it on the janitor.

Point 2: “if you typed the page address in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly, you stupid idiotic moron” Yet earlier in the same “hilarious” page is “Alternativley”.
I get it, it looks like the error page we normally see, only it isn’t , and the guy calls me an idiot a lot. And there is violence too. Pretty funny…

Must See!!

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