Aug 3 2009Tough Crowd On Tatooine: Star Wars Comedy


This is a video of a stand up comic doing a set at Jabba's palace on Tatooine and bombing miserably. Personally, I thought he was funnier that hell (it's surprisingly serious down there), but what do I know about humor? BESIDES EVERYTHING. People hurting themselves is the best.

Star Wars Stand Up Comic [funnyordie]

Thanks to Cocoa, who once made me laugh so hard I haven't been the same since.

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teh funnyz

@2 naas - sorry...all you have been able to accomplish today is to let the world see how big of a douchy c*nt bag you are. Please try again tomorrow.




Hahahaha, "Your momma orbits my dick" that's great....


mMMmm chopin vodka, good choice & good taste. I've been drinking whiskey lately,but 3/4 of a 1.75 would even do this guy in

ya, i'm the guy people want to come over to the party so he can try and jump the fire pit only to catch on fire and jump in the kiddy pool and break his new phone in the process... I'm freakin brilliant i tells ya...

Markers Mark


@10 Well I hope you get a new phone & new pants soon because it looks like someone burnt the holiday dinner turkey on your ass & left the stuffing

dumb firewall. Can't see it.

gotta put my two cents in for:
bulleit bourbon

ohhhh, foroget about lagavulin and laphroig, like a campfire in your mouth its so smokey.... never had bulleit bourbon though...

@14 that is why its sooo good

bullieit for a bourbon is pretty smooth. very drinkable. like it better than makers or knob creek

STOMPY your knowledge of fine spirits is impressive, please bring some of that over this friday when we get together to stuff GFS into a dorm room refrigerator & light it on fire

Bruichladdich is nice, but I prefer Bushmills 16yo three-barrell malt. 8 years in a bourbon cask, 6 in a sherry, and the last two in port pipes. It's like heaven.

LOL that little segment was better than the whole Episode I

Emperor's slugs need love too..... hubadaa hubadaa hubadaa

Boy, do I have something for you!...

wtf is nass and stomy and that douchy c*nt bag arguing about.
o, and by the way, i want to burn something.

we are all living in the matrix

Vagina. hehe

OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! i watched this about 2 years ago.

Hmm......damn websense at work! I can't see! I'm blind!! the video.

OK, so I've actually been busy working this past week and have missed a lot...

WTF happened to the comments section?

Really guys? The Rancor Pit? Thanks a lot.

That was so goddamn stupid I almost poked my own f.ucking eyes out.

Not funny on so many levels.

Must See!!

the REAL Boba Phat:

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